Of Abducted Girls and False Conspiracy…

Dear Nigeria, it is with so much anger that I write this. Although my love for you spans over oceans and seven seas, i must say ...’una no try at all oo!!”. What is this i hear of abducted girls and abduction conspiracy? do we not have enough problems on our plate?

Lately I have heard tales of chibok kidnappers being the government and this being a joke? Are you people that jobless? Words couldn’t convey my anger, I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin. Are you people this hungry for attention? has the bombing fiasco not brought enough?are you hormonal girls on your period?..what are your stands on this allegations? are the true?was this some kind of April fools joke?..guess what? you’re late! Its may now and we are not laughing.

Dear parents of this missing girls, why are your hands folded?where are the mothers of this girls?full list of their names?can we even get all their pictures? am sure this will  make the search faster, more adequate even.Something, anything concrete that doesn’t suggest foul  play.

I lay no claims on knowing how to manage time but I sure do hate someone wasting mine and am sure the U.S marines who just arrived the country,Obama,  Canada, Russia and half the world who just pledged their allegiance hate it too.when will you realise we have better things to do with our time?

For the past 3 weeks our hearts have bleed,our eyes cried rivers,and our lips have said whole hearted prayers to the Man upstairs.My name might not be patience but I do know “THERE IS GOD OO!. has it really come to this?.

The #bringourgirlsback# caption has trended all social networks and TV/radio networks, matter of fact, CNN has carried our matter on top their head. you will think its the end of the world or maybe it is. And although countless people have prayed fervently for you guys while the rest thanked God it wasn’t their sisters , cousins,or children, myself included we are beginning to have our reservations. And like never before I hope am wrong, That we all are.

But if this really is true,I cannot pretend to know what turmoil this mothers are going through or say i understand the terror this girls are facing.let justice be in our favor!

And finally I ask dear Good luck Jonathan to awake from slumber, what brand of slow are you? when do you plan on acting? time is ticking, the girls are ticking with it. #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS

8 thoughts on “Of Abducted Girls and False Conspiracy…” by katiee (@katiee)

  1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

    @KATIEE nice piece, really good…i like the “…what brand of slow are you?”in all…#BringBackOurGirls

    1. Thank you very much I am glad you liked it . Was kind of my favorite too..

  2. @KATIEE, I feel what you feel; I can see your heart desperately desiring the return of our girls; I can see you love them; you cherish them; you want them back home. I totally share your sentiments. Let’s not keep our fingers crossed… let’s keep shouting, protesting – let’s say all that can be said… let’s keep marching on LOOKING FOR OUR PRECIOUS CHIBOK GIRLS…

    1. Thank you!…hopefully the government see this too..

      1. @katiee, may our prayers be answered dear…

  3. namdi (@namdi)

    A sad tale -the abduction story.

    Still, as a writer to another writer…this piece sure needs some editing.

  4. I was actually hoping this would cover an introspection of the authenticity of the abduction of the chibok girls but it didn’t do justice to that.

    I guess \i was just caught up in the title

  5. s'am (@samenyuch)

    hmm. just as four of the girls would be able to escape the forest but the damn military cant penetrate the same forest baffles me

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