My 9JA Lover

She wants the wedding in 9ja, and her honeymoon in the Bahamas
Preferably a pentecostal church service to a Roman catholic mass
She’s drawn a list of invitees excluding even some family members
She doesn’t want it big but wouldn’t mind if the turn out is en-masse

She doesn’t want austerity wedding but one with a touch of class
No sharing of any plastic but something with an exterior of glass
She wants to invite Asa, Tuface and she’s also a fan of fimile Kas
She’s been asking me to say something… i just dey look like okpas

Her best mate just called to give her more ideas from ‘planet mars’
Everything she would need from aso-ebi material to grand entry cars
More cut-outs from magazines, more visits to malls and beauty spas
Its going to be her most important day, she should make it hers… (jor)

She accuses me of being indifferent to our grand wedding plans
Ignoring her for Lampard’s corner kick or Juan Mata’s ‘killer’ pass
Now I have joined her in the ticking of boxes like who dem jazz
Doing permutation and combination like I’m doing solving maths

9 thoughts on “My 9JA Lover” by Kingsley A (@KingsleyA)

  1. beautiful………….I almost dismissed it on first sight but perusing through it made sense to me………….In fact, the words were carefully chosen and the end rhymes, just perfect…………

    1. Thanks @innoalifa, maybe the title was too cliche-y, i played around with some titles but ended up settling for this. Thank you for not judging a book by its cover. Cheers

      1. @KingsleyA, the title is just apt for the poem………….what first came to my mind was how lengthy each of the lines are…….but your ingenuity and intelligent use of words proved the point that a poem could have lengthy lines like many I’ve seen before but the right words put in the right order makes the poem a poem……………..

      2. Actually the title was why i clicked to read. What i got was beautiful.

  2. Seems like Ur inside my head this is my wedding right there o.

    1. @ufuoma otebele, Just make sure the list you are drawing up does not send the bobo aborrowing

      1. Lol don’t worry he will survive.

  3. This is a flash fiction…not poetry!

    And its unfinished and I’m unsatisfied!

    1. @afronuts thanks. It could well be flash fiction like you said. All jhoin…, Lol. I would muse over it and give it a sequel

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