The Love Affair

Together we stroll
Along white plains daily.
With my fingers
Gripping firmly her tiny waist.

My feelings
She put in black and white
Combining lineation
For generations to stare in awe.

On my palm she lay
At night time
Never sleeping
Ever ready

To trap
Overflowing thoughts.
Preventing them
From fleeing.

Indispensable She has become
So, we live on each other’s pockets.
For Her presence
Is just so irresistible.

An oath have we taken
My blood
And Her ink
Forever to be one.

6 thoughts on “The Love Affair” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. This was inspired by love and written for love… it really is a nice poem…

    1. Thank you so much @innoalifa, I apprecite the comment

      1. @okemejames, you’re welcome and I’m hoping to read more from you… :)

  2. OMG! I can’t just believe my eyes. My work among the Editor’s pick? I’m most grateful to God Almighty for His Wisdom. I appreciate Naijastories for finding my work worthy and to all poetry lovers. Thank you.

  3. *Clapping* Well done!!!

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