I Am An African

Africa! From your womb I was born
I suckled your nipples for life
Drinking your breast milk like a velvety child
Striving to thrive amidst life’s daily strife

I am an African child
An infant of prey to the white man’s claws
Because of my black supple skin so mild
A malleable membrane just in her prime of days

O! I see black brothers masquerading as whites
Battering mother culture with an alien sophistry
But seeing your godly irresistible blackness
I’d rather honour my ancestry in a black forestry

O! I am an African
An unmistaken black drunken African
Raised in a land of black mythologies
Struggling against mother culture’s demise

Where’s Africa’s pride
Is it in a slavish ride
Taking one of a side
In every adulterated duel tried

O! I’m an African
And in my next life
I’d want to be African
With a black skin for life

I’ve been called a beast
But now I’m planning a feast
To celebrate my blackness with a toast
And to dine and wine with an African bird as a roast

Let’s together join hands
Building an Africa that is African
Not neglecting progression in intellectualization
And harmony in values African

History made known in stories
Tell of our African forebears
Who created pathways and won glories
Affirming their blackness like no mere barkers

I am African
Not soured by my blackness
In an age of casuistry and sophistry
That have denigrated black chemistry

Africa can be greater
And a lot many things brighter
Following the great African fighters
Marcus Garvey, Claude Mckay and Leopold Senghoh

O! I am an African
An unmistaken black drunken African
Ranting and panting for an Africa
That is truly African

18 thoughts on “I Am An African” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. What a rich piece! Proudly African,proudly Nigerian!

    1. @EssteeChi, thanks for stopping by… …your comment goes right to my heart’s deepest centre…

    2. @EssteeChi, thanks for stopping by… …your comment goes right to my heart’s deepest centre, in a way truly African…lol…

  2. “Ranting and panting for an Africa/That is truly African….’ has always been the bane that we are “Afri(ad) we Can” in every reckoning. Others ‘fight’ or are ‘fighting’ for….
    Did you rhyme this poem? I guess but in staccato. You could employ economy of words here.

    Thumps up for the beautiful message of negritude, national consciousness and African predicament .
    More ink and more scrolls!

    1. @ostar, thanks a lot for reading. I’m so happy you liked it. I agree with you on the economy of words for better rendition…

  3. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    Nice piece. But “drunken Afriacan”? … I dunno.

    1. @Rachel_Williams, many many thanks for commenting. Being an unmistaken black drunken African here connotes an African that is intoxicated with African cultural values not a drunken African inebriated with booze… I know you dunno @Rachel_Williams, lol…

  4. chai!! beauriful poem man.loving my african skin…i am so drunk an african

    1. @oxymoron93, I’m glad there’s an African in love with his black skin… in fact, if beauty is a colour, it is BLACK…

  5. Splendid…its good to be proud of our ‘africaness’ especially while most “black brothers masquerading as whites”, even in african cities, “Battering mother culture with an alien sophistry”

    1. I’m happy @olayide is reasserting and reaffirming his blackness…

  6. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @innoalifa. your words hold truth. we all must find ‘our way’ again to paint our own future. great body of work.

    1. @wordsfromuyi, thanks aplenty for reading, commenting and commending… know that I learn from you too. You write really nice works… your “Vanished” & “Old slaves” are still in my heart…

  7. Great job! Proud to be an African

    1. @okemejames, thanks for reading and commenting………………..

    1. @Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo, I appreciate your stopping by………………..

  8. Beautiful rendition. I’m proudly African and Nigerian (though I have a fair skin)

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