GOF Announcement!!

Long after the chaos battle which ravaged all that is,
and led to the birth of the seven gods of reality,
humans live and thrive on their world TerriaCurse-Of-Seventh-Swordnus,
occasionally waging war against each other.

The Dragol are also a race of beings born from
the remnants of chaos.  They are also hell bent
on destroying the human race.  It is a desire
they almost attain until a king’s sacrifice withholds
them… for a while.  

Years later, Davydd Tardust, a young hunter and thief
living in the town of Gor, saves the princess of Angweleth
from an ancient threat…  This singular heroic act,
sets them on an unexpected quest to recover a lost artifact
that could save humanity from the Dragol, who have returned
to finish what they started. 

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  1. …concise and precise… nice – love to read it…

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