Carnal Knowledge

The phallus has taken over the brain
The grey matter now is in the scrotum
More thinking is now done from under
From the critical perspective of a romp

The bra is now fancied to Algebra
The body of knowledge barely with clothes on
The formula is frequently lost on us
Unless it has something to do with curves

The mind now writes on a different sheet
Dripping ink and advancing lust theories
Expending more energy in hairy areas
And many a time spent skirting the issue

The logical head is now in bed
Swooning, spooning, drooling and mooning
Shoving aside obstructive scrolls of knowledge
To grab a dangling, more pleasing idea

The partner swap is now in full effect
How we have kissed the nous goodbye
The world now throws the book at you
Divorcing intellect to elope with lust

7 thoughts on “Carnal Knowledge” by Kingsley A (@KingsleyA)

  1. …a beautiful rendition confirming the reign of lust and perhaps not love all around us…

    1. Thanks, your thought is appreciated.

  2. I love this poem!


    It explores how man throws logic and intelligence to the winds when confronted with full blown temptation.


    The juxtaposing of carnal lust and intellect – we see a battle of the senses; the shift from the mental to the genital as reason gives way to desire…’divorcing intellect to elope with lust’


    The creative craft of words, the richness of thought-provoking metaphors; the intelligent use of mathematical formula to justify the theme or subject matter of the poem.

    A sad story of an everyday reality

    Nicely written @KingsleyA
    I wonder why it never made the editor’s pick sef.

    1. @Afronut, i appreciate your taking out time to offer compliments and appreciating the devices of the subject. Thank you ‘muchly’

  3. @Princes Arah, your words gratify. Thank you

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