Bounty Hunter’s The Writer2014 Finalist’s Entry Wk 2



As the Sun hung askew over Lunageria, bathing it with a warm afternoon glow, a shiny-armored soldier paced the front of the massive gold-plated gate that led into the city, looking up once in a while to make sure that he was covering all the bases.

His shadow on the ground reflected the angle at which the Sun shined on him. He took a glance at it and looked away, not giving it a second thought.

A second shadow of his appeared in front of him, and it arched at a forty-five degree angle to the first one. This second shadow mimicked the first one, even to the slightest movements of his person.

This second shadow was me.

As I wrapped my being around him, I slowly widened the angle at which I hovered over him, allowing for a clearer path to my moves. The guard looked around, a mixture of dread and wonderment in his eyes.

When the second shadow began to quiver, the guard’s steps quickened, and his glances became more erratic. He ran to the gate and desperately pounded on it with his fist.

“Who is it?” a gravelly voice from behind the gate asked.

“Open, please open.” The guard jumped around as he desperately tried to shed himself of the second shadow.

“Go back to your post.”

“Something is wrong.”

“Yes. You are away from your post! I order you to return to it now.”

“I have two shadows.”

“You must be drunk.”

“I’ve had no such thing, I swear to Lunacan, the god who guided our ancestors from Earth to this Moon.”

“Shut up!”

Too late.

I had the distinct feeling that, even though he couldn’t see it, he heard my sword slither out of its scabbard. He spun around frantically, trying to make sense of the shadows and sounds enveloping him. I swung at him, slicing him in half.

As he crumbled to the ground, I drank his escaping being, getting rid of unneeded memory. I materialized, just as the guard dematerialized.

“Bankole, what’s going on here?” Major Udenzi stood between the opened gates, his massive frame blocking a clear view of the security personnel behind him.

“I need relief.”

Major Udenzi studied me with narrowing eyes. “Take five minutes. “Jaro! Take his place.”

With Bankole’s memory in my system, I moved knowledgably into the city, restraining my normally cat-like gait to stifle suspicion. Lungeria’s pyramidal architecture, and Oshogbo art deco caught my attention.

My name was Gongala – Gong for short – and I was an intergalactic bounty hunter from Millinia, a galactic Moon populated mostly by Africans, a sizable portion of which was Nigerian. I was one of three off-springs of the god Millikai, the galactic god of transition, resident on Millinia. He answered only to IwodAbasi, God of all galaxies.

I had two step-siblings, but I’d never met them, and I prayed that I never did. The simple reason was that our different mothers wanted their child to kill off the other two so as to be the only surviving Epke (child of Millikai) in the galaxy, with all the powers of an heir.

I traversed parallel universes (spirit and physical) with ease, and I meditated three times a day to replenish my powers. I was here to execute a job order, in the form of returning run-away Millinia princess, Princess Urobo, back to Millinia.

I spread out my left palm and waved my right palm over it. Princess Urobo’s image showed on my left palm. My heart pulsed off-beat as I studied her face. She boasted an angelic face that proudly evoked rebellion. I stifled a dangerous thought.

I waved my right hand in front of me to pinpoint where Princess Urobo was. The holograph revealed a fuzzy representation of a party scene, with a lot of teenagers dancing to the “Cosmic Rap” song. The time on the display said 2 pts (past the Sun). My energy was low. I needed to worship my father.

I hurried towards the triangular worship building to my right. I heard a familiar voice behind me. As I turned to look, a sword sliced right through my neck, severing my head from my body. I seeped out of Bankole’s frame as Major Udenzi raised his sword to deliver another blow. I floated awkwardly away as Bankole’s corpse lay beheaded on the ground.

Being that I couldn’t fully control my impulses, my spirit roared like a lion, sending lunagerians scurrying in all directions.

They now knew who was in their midst.

Major Udenzi pursued, his bloodied sword gleaming with fury. I floated into the worship building, aiming for the altar. I knelt down and worshipped my father silently. Udenzi showed up behind me, and then dematerialized.


Nobody did that but…

I materialized, my sword in my hand. Udenze was an Ekpe? Impossible.

“You must be Gong.” A Millinian, clothed in silvery body armor and steel-plated boots, stood before me, bearing Udenze’s sword. She had an uncanny resemblance to me, night-black hair and all. This was my step-sister Matilda, the other bounty hunter. She had drunk Udenze.

“I’m here to take back Princess Urobo. I have no quarrel with you.” I held back, waiting to get fully recharged.

“The princess is mine. I have the work order. It’s one of two choices, Gong: Exit, or death.”

“Listen, Matilda. I don’t agree with our mothers that we should destroy each other. The galaxy is big enough for the three of us-“

“Konji is dead! I now have his power, and I want yours. Choose!”

“Why do this, Matilda?”


“Damn it, I’m the son of a god, and I deserve to tell people what to do, not the other way around.”

“Your mother was a whore!”

I could sense it. I began to swell up with rage and power. Princess Urobo could wait. This thing had to be settled now.

It was on.

I gave a great roar and charged.


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  5. Deep imagination at work.

    Please don’t get readers lost in the scientific concepts in the scenes.

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