At night
cold nibbles at my feet
and I keep warm with embers
of memories
of your warm smile
when you smile
the sun in my life shines

embers of memories
you would rekindle
when you arrive

At dawn
I rise from my grave
a zombie
my life filled with life
is away with you

come with the summer heat

6 thoughts on “Away” by Tolase Ajibola (@Blaise007)

  1. …simply beautiful…

  2. I agree with @innoalifa, simple n’ sweet.

  3. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    I don’t get…

  4. Re mincing unrequited love at sleep time keeps him alive.

    Waking up to reality is like waking into a dead zone to him.

    He craves for another moment to escape into the fantasy world of memories…

    That’s my interpretation.

    Nice poem.

  5. Well said, professionally expressed!!!

  6. I hope she does arrive, soon.

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