Would You Tell Your Best Friend If His/her Partner Is Cheating?

Would You Tell Your Best Friend If His/her Partner Is Cheating?

True friendship is an amazing thing. However, it has its setbacks. One main characteristic of a true friendship is honesty. All of us thrive, or even request honesty from our friends, but when we get it, sometimes instead of appreciating it, we get angry or even tend to ruin the relationship.

Sometimes, you can find yourself wrestling with a tough moral situation if you know a painful truth about your friend’s relationship.

Ahhh! This is a serious question! Would you tell? Should you speak up? This needs God’s wisdom to know what to do o or don’t you think so? Seriously would you tell your friend that his loving partner is cheating on him?

Are you not supposed to be looking out for your friend? Would you rather keep quiet and not upset the applecart when it is quite obvious that the roof is on fire?

I mean it is quite an uphill task trying to tell a friend such a terrible thing or what do you think? I know it takes guts, but what if your friend discovers sometimes in the future that his trusted friend is privy to such information?

People hardly say such maybe because sometimes in the process you may lose a friend trying to do what’s right. The friendship loss can be the result of your friend not being able to accept the truth so s/he blames the messenger, not the message. You could discover that s/he already knows the character of his or her partner, but will stay with regardless

So would you tell your friend that his/her loving partner is cheating because you feel you owe him that honesty as a friend or would you just sweep it under the carpet and try not to ruin the relationship?


5 thoughts on “Would You Tell Your Best Friend If His/her Partner Is Cheating?” by iyandasdiary (@Iyandasdiary)

  1. I will if he/she is in danger.

  2. Its a tough question. It all depends on the friend and the partner.

  3. If we’ve been friends for so long, i’ll be able to predict how he/she will react to such information; this will determine my decision.
    It’s a tough one though.

  4. nope but will plan a way he would find out himself/herself…………

  5. It depends, I go try talk oh if it will help this friend. I believe as a friend I am expected to watch out for my friend,but honestly from experience truth is bitter, when people are in love they are blinded and sometimes don’t see or deny any red flags such as that. The friend might stop talking to me after saying it but I have said it and one day the truth will unfold. However, it takes God’s wisdom in situations like this.

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