Why Do Women Forgive Cheats And Men Don’t?

Apparently most women tolerate their man straying and making relationship ‘errors’ couple of times before thinking of dumping them, but only very few men would stay with a woman who strayed. So just WHY are women so tolerant of cheating?

We see it again and again, a man strays, lies, and cheats on his wife or girlfriend and she decides to give him another chance at fidelity. Yet, in relationships where the woman cheats, the relationship often ends.

Are women easily bought over with gifts after a man has been unfaithful or is she worried of what might happen afterward? .Where does she start from again?

Some even know there men actually cheat and they go about saying as long has he doesn’t do it to my face or he knows, I better not catch him. Not even when there is an overwhelming proof to suggest or point at the very obvious.

However, it’s always the opposite, well I can’t say all guys but most of them, They are the first to send their wives packing if caught cheating.

What about you guys out there; what do you think about this? Why Do you think women find it easier to forgive men when they cheat?

Could it be that men are prepared to throw away years of investment after one mistake just for the sake of their pride? And that woman are able to see past infidelity to the bigger picture?

Well maybe until ladies too can get men gifts like a G wagon or small house ,then maybe guys too can come to forgive easily too. Seriously ladies, I need to hear from you.

Why, seriously why? Come join us here to discuss.

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  1. In the first instance, women are naturally forgiving, and the same way they forgive is the same way they forget; this is to say that when a man leaves a woman, it’s easier for her to lean on the next guy that shows an iota of sympathy or care and forget the previous man.
    Secondly, women don’t love enough and hard as men. This argument have been underway from time immemorial, but usually, it has been found right.

    Nice one

  2. Women care a lot about what the society would say that’s why they find it hard to send their guy packing.
    Well done.

  3. I feel it is becos the ladies can’t afford to buy their man a Huge Gift just for apology sake…lol! Anyways nice write-up/Topic

  4. Women are more understanding.

    1. @Nalongo & @IYANDASDIARY, that women are more understanding is a tenet in feminist ethics but when singular existential instances are investigated into, some men can be found to be more understanding anyways………….

  5. I don’t think there is one answer to this question, but here are somne of my thoughts:

    1. Women who tolerate men cheating have low self-esteem, don’t value themselves, feel that all men are the same, feel they have invested too much in this particular fellow to just leave him for another, bla bla bla …

    2. There are more women than men period. So, men can move on to the next willing party. You can make the same argument for women too, but I think men have more choices than women do. There is never a shortage of women who fall into the category in # 1, and so the cycle continues.

    1. @SharonWrites i don’t think all women who tolerate cheating have low self esteem. If it happens once or twice and its tolerated it doesn’t necessarily mean low self esteem is involved. It is when they keep finding excuses for his cheating habits that’s when there is an esteem problem.
      Generally women are forgiving and would give you a second chance at anything be it a male-female relationship, mother-child relationship, work relationship or girlfriends relationship.

  6. I think it might have to do with a difference in egos and a bit of societal brainwashing if you ask me. For far too long people have been led to believe that a man is the hunter, women the hunted. It is accepted as norm, that a man’s nature is to yearn for the woman and not just one. The woman on the other hand has no right in society’s eyes to yearn for the man but rather to yield to the man and if it is more than one, it is frowned upon.

    This is where ego comes in. Consciously or subconsciously, men and women both know these unfortunate pre-defined “roles”. As such when a man cheats, many women will react in the same way… They will forgive. When a woman cheats, she steps on the ego of the man. He believes it should be him. His ability to “satisfy” her emotionally and otherwise is insulted and he believes in society’s eyes, he has failed. Forgiveness does not come easy there after.

    Only few men and women can see past these mental barriers where a woman knows to stand up for herself and say no to settling with a cheater, and where a man can find within himself the compassion to forgive a woman who has made a mistake. It is rare.. but possible.

  7. I totally agree with @kelwriter.

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