Why do People use children as the reason to stay in a failed marriage?

Most cases, when you hear about issues in marriages and relationship. It’s amazing when you hear the reasons behind why couples are still together in the relationship. Most times they claim it’s because of the child that’s why they continue to live together.

But is it really because of that or is it just another excuse.Also, I wonder if it does help the children in any way when they keep witnessing the lack of love in their home. Or maybe I should put it in a different way altogether; does it help the kids when their parents shout at each other sometimes even to the extent of engaging in physical violence or when they witness the lack of respect and the manner in which their parents address each other?

I do know you have to make sacrifices in life for some things you truly believe in; but are we saving or making the situation any better? Am not saying divorce or separation is the best option but sometimes when you see the behavior of a child who has witnessed an unsettled home or no love in the home because the parents can’t stand each other again is often worse.

Nevertheless, is it worth it to sacrifice your own personal happiness and remain in this hell simply because you have kids together? Please readers, what would you do if you find yourself in such a situation? Will you separate and both still give the children the love and support or better still continue to live together ,work things out and hope for the very best all because of the children?




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  1. I’d rather we both separate and take care of and show the children love individually.
    Well done.

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