No More

No More

There are no more
tears in these eyes,
though weeping comforts
the soul,
no more comfort
in your embrace,
no more warmth
in your words,
only hurt that gnaws
at my guts
like sharks
at a wounded limb.

There is no more
sleep in these nights,
no more peace
in it’s quietness,
no more rest,
no more hope
in these dreams,
only nightmares
of being lost
in a desert,
thirst holding a scimitar
to my throat,
mirages mocking,
ghost rivers

There’s no more air
in these breaths,
just windless gasps,
the fountain of my lungs
have flowed dry.

There are no more colours
in these flowers,
no more scents,
no more songs
in these birds,
no more beauty
in the moments when
the sun journeys
near the orange

Though your love
wanes bleak
and my loneliness
scares near,
there are no more
in this heart,
though this heart
though these hands
there’s no more
holding you back
– go!

In these eyes,
there will be
no more tears
for you.