29 February

One 28 day of February I had just come out of a bank where I had gone not to make a withdrawal but to send some of the little money I had to a relative in need when I was approached by a T.V crew. I’m a very shy person and not comfortable around even some of the people I’ve known all my life much less some strangers shoving a camera and microphone in my face. Whenever I had no choice but to be out in a crowd like in a bank or the market I never went out without an earphone glued to my ears listening to music, in the beginning my walkman was my constant companion then the discman came out and I relegated my walkman to the second position and now my mobile phone has send both the walkman and discman to the rubbish bin. I love listening to music as it relaxes me and takes me to a different world it also did the job of keeping out all the voices both in my head and outside my head especially considering the fact that I am a bit of a schizophreniac. Whenever I feel like been mischievous I would stop or pause the music but leave the earphone on and like a lizard nod my head as if I was listening to a song this way I got to hear a lot of stories and gossip as most people usually let their guard down assuming that I was really listening to music and not listening to their conversation even at work I used this strategy to hear some gossip especially the ones about me. I am a natural introvert and prefer to be alone most of the time, I hate crowds in fact you won’t be wrong to say I suffer from agoraphobia whenever I had no choice but to go out I left the friendly and happy me at home and went out with the fake angry and unfriendly me. The angry and unfriendly look on my face and the earphone usually succeeded in keeping people off me which was just what I wanted to be left alone I just don’t understand why or how some people can start a conversation with a total stranger.
Anyway as I was saying these T.V crew despite me having my most angry and unfriendly look and the earphone stuck to my ears decided to approach me. In addition to been shy I am also kind, caring and loving to a fault once you get through the masquerade you will see a different person hiding behind and so I had no choice but to stop and find out what the T.V crew wanted from me. All they wanted to know was what I thought about the fact that some people are born on the 29th day of February whenever it is a leap year that only comes round every four years. I never really thought about it as I was not born on that day and among the limited number of friends and relatives I knew none was born on 29 February. Personally I don’t celebrate birthdays I think celebrating my birthday is a waste of the little time and resources I have and always prefer to channel my resources and time to do something better and more useful, sometimes I would even wake up on my birthday and forget the significance of the day to me until those who care about my birthday more than I do present me with a birthday gift these days I hardly get any gift just a text message.
After the T.V crew left they left behind a disturbing mind as I couldn’t stop thinking about the 29 day of february. I know that if I was born on 29 February I won’t really have a problem whenever the month of February ends on the 28th since I don’t really celebrate my birthday anyway in fact I will consider it a blessing that my real birthday comes around every four years but I know some people who revere their birthday like gods their year is never complete without a birthday celebration. Throughout that day questions kept flying over my head, how many years old will I refer to someone born on 29th February? will I say to such a person that he or she is two years old or eight, three years old or twelve?. Does it mean that people born on 29 february celebrate their birthday every four years or do they celebrate on 28 february or 1st march. As a lawyer I couldn’t help but wonder about the legal status of a leap year baby or leapling as they are called.

10 thoughts on “29 February” by Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

  1. The person will probably adopt Feb 28 or March 1.

    1. @mcsnol, but does that not mean that they celebrate their birthday a day earlier or later to their real birthday.

  2. The ones I know celebrate on the 28th of February. Afterall, they were born on the last day of February; leap or no leap.

    1. @bunmiril hmmmm but 28 still isn’t 29, or is it?

  3. @danjuma I actually mean they were born on the 29th which is the last day of February in a leap year. So when they want to celebrate in other years that are not leap years, they do or should do it on the 28th which is the last day; since they were born on the last day even though it was a leap year.
    You dig? yes you do.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    wow……..i caught myself thinking about this subject too ‘cos i have a friend born on that day…….but i do believe that they are unique (more unique than others*winks*) but the sad reality is that some never realize

  5. They can chose to mark it every four years; that way they are younger than their mates!

    1. @Nalongo now your comment has left me wishing I was born on that day I really don’t like aging and born on the 29 would have afforded me the opportunity to reduce my age.

  6. @kaymillion you’re right they are indeed unique and special, I can’t wait to meet one of them.

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