We May Be Uncivilised, But We’re Not Gay!

We May Be Uncivilised, But We’re Not Gay!

I can  remember how as a kid, I and my siblings and friends would be so happy whenever our parents left us alone in the house. It was usually ‘mad’ fun having the whole house to ourselves (and the maid) in those days. It was always our chance to pratice all we had been planning in our mischievious little heads. We would run all over the house, displacing furnitures, overturning shelves, and playing games.
One of the games that comes to mind right now is ‘Mummy and Daddy.’ It was a make-believe pastime that involved mimicking our parents, or what we watched in films. In all those years, we played the game with many variations (mummy in the kitchen, in the living room, at work, in school…you name it), but we never for once played MUMMY and MUMMY or DADDY and DADDY.
Furthermore, as a graduate of Biological Sciences, I make bold to say that I am quite conversant with the sexual behaviours and reproductive patterns of animals, of which human beings are one.
I can remember vividly how my Biology teacher when I was in Senior Secondary School (SS1) explained laboriously to us the types of reproduction. He told us that our hormones were the reasons why we had feelings for the girls and vice versa. Nobody asked him a question on what hormones makes guys get attracted to other guys. At that stage, homosexuality was as alien to us as a man marrying a goat: unthinkable! The teacher further explained that reproduction occurs only after sexual intercourse between a MAN and a WOMAN.
When I got to the university, I carried out a library-load of research on animals and their behaviours. Their reproduction is largely similar to that of humans; only that some animals can reproduce without having sexual intercourse (asexual reproduction), which in layman terms simly means ‘self-division.’ None of them mates intra-gender!
Growing further, as a Christian, I was taught about the sanctity of marriage. Of how, marriage is a divine convenant between a MAN and WOMAN for companionship and kids. I wasn’t taught that two women could enter a union together, talk less of marriage.
I would be the first to admit that change is the only thing constant in life, and that many of the things I was taught or knew while growing up have changed drastically. However, change shouldn’t just occur for change sake. Mind you, not all change is good. I’m sure my great-grandma, if she could, would have multiple heart attacks in her grave right now at the mere thought of two guys kissing themselves fully on the lips.
I have never seen myself as an ethnicist or bigot of whatever kind, but I must admit, I hate the whole concept of being gay. It goes against everything that has been ingrained in me: educationally, spiritually, morally, ethically etc.
Indeed, it can be very difficult to be a journalist! I’m not talking about the constant and overbearing pressure of deadlines, or the late nights.
I’m simply talking about how difficult it could be to stick to one of the basic tenets of this noble profession: objectivity!
Everytime I read any article bordering on this touchy subject, I cringe inwadly whenever anyone villifies President Jonathan for signing the Anti-Gay bill into law. The last time I checked, a good law is one which favours majority of the population and not a minority. I’m not saying the minority should be discrimated against, but their RIGHTS should not be exalted over the majority.
As members of the fourth estate of the realm, journalists are watchdogs of the society, and from what I’ve gathered, the people do not want gay marriage. If President Jonathan had done otherwise, I’m sure his name would forever top the list of worst and devious Nigerian presidents.
I know that a lot of scientific studies and research have been carried out as to what ‘makes’ people gay with many arguing that it is only a natural phenomenom because the affected persons can’t help feeling that way.
However I ask, why are mentally deranged serial killers jailed for satisfying their NATURAL craving of taking lives? Why do we bother to take paedophiles to court for rape; since underage kids are their NATURAL preference, they should be let loose right?
This isn’t about culture, religion, or whatever anybody chooses to call it, this is about us, and our IDENTITY. If more than 92% of the population are repulsed by the idea of homosexuality, do we still need rocket scientists to tell us that it’s alien concept to us?
For all those ‘forming’ over-civilization, if taking it through the anus as a man is the new meaning of civilization, then I’d prefer remaining a ‘bush-man’like my fore-fathers were before me.
I subscribe to the civilization that would see my country manufacturing planes and other cutting-edge technologies, not one that will debase our already battered morals and values!
To all the foreign media outlets, governments and gay rights groups who have been unleashing all types of threats, the message is clear: you cannot tell us WHO WE ARE, and what WE SHOULD DO. Let’s decide that ourselves..oops, seems like we already it, WE DON’T WANT IT!

13 thoughts on “We May Be Uncivilised, But We’re Not Gay!” by tofarati (@tofarati)

  1. “However I ask, why are mentally deranged serial killers jailed for satisfying their NATURAL craving of taking lives? Why do we bother to take paedophiles to court for rape;…….”

    I am not a proponent of gay unions. Still, there should be room for objectivity and validity of points. A gay marriage involves two consenting individuals. A serial killer, paedophile and the ‘whatevers’ infringe on the rights of the other party.

    A law has been passed, and its one in the right direction.

    Nice piece.

  2. Toto! Toto!! Toto!!! I enjoyed this. This is just the way we are, we don’t want their idea, simple.

  3. @tofarati, was the law really necessary? Were there a lot of people trying to get married?I think not. It’s just “poudre aux yeux” (powder to your eyes) so people don’t think too much about what is happening in Nigeria right now and rally under the same sentiment. This wouldn’t be the first time in history that leaders get the masses excited against a collective victim so they don’t question their actions.I guess it does work, doesn’t it?
    Have you ever thought of how you would feel if the situation was reverse and people you don’t know, would tell you whom to love? Anyway, I know it is a waste of time to try to convince you but I couldn’t stay silent.

    1. @Jefsaraurmax– My thoughts exactly.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by.
    However, I do not think this law is a smoke-screen to divert the people from more pressing issues; it’s a step in the right direction. My point is that majority of the populace are in support of this law, than for the president to be deemed to have done the wrong thing.

  5. I have a lot of issues with that law. I’m yet to pen down something on it. Homosexuality is a psychiatrist problem not a problem jail can solve. In fact, it worsens it.

    but I’m commenting to ask if you really have 50 unpublished manuscripts

  6. What’s your view on sex before marriage? Don’t you think a law should be passed making it illegal? Or doesn’t it go against everything you are, morally, spiritually et al?

  7. @clemency…Yes, I have two books and over 50 unpublished manuscripts.

    1. Wonderful, I feel there should be a law banning that too. ‘Normal’ people are still trying to come up with one manuscripts and… Uncle Jona!!! Just kidding.

      Would love to read your anthology.

  8. hahaha…very funny!

  9. Those that take it in the ass are stupid… and the law was on point cause the homosexuality tin was already gaining ground before the law kicked in…


  10. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    Beautiful nonsense. When you are ready to be an objective biologist, let’s talk. Until then, well, keep trying to escape the lulling pool of sentimental moralism.

  11. @kodeya..abi o
    @Omoniyi-Adeshola…I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t 100% objective in the article. I even implied it in the write-up. Honestly, I just think homosexualism more of an excess, an aberration.
    A man married a dog recently in California. Several other marriages like that have taken place in other parts of the world. Is it until people start marrying frogs in Nigeria before we take note? Religion, sentiments aside, majority of Nigerians are against this act, this bill, this everything!

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