The Neighbourhood Witch

If she is old and stoops
When she is cold, she groops
Around her hut for extra cover
Then don’t go near her
For she is a witch

If she has shriveled feet
And a couple of broken brown teeth
Never mind the walking to the stream for water
Or the years of chewing brown kola
For she is surely a witch

If she smells and is wrinkled
And never cracks a smile even if tickled
Forget that she doesn’t bath often
And that she has had a hard life to toughen
Because she is for sure a witch

If she has the simple misfortune
And the hard luck of being out of tune
Pay heed to nothing else
For I have absolutely no doubt
That she is a witch.

3 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood Witch” by Sir Sam (@mcsnol)

  1. If this is satire, then there’s something missing.

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