the morning after

The Morning After



Somewhere in Lagos.


Funmi stared at the ceilings in a room she couldn’t recognise. Apart from the rumpled bed-sheet, the room looked too organised to be hers.

She looked to her left hoping to see her wardrobe but all she saw was a clock hanging on the wall, telling her it was 7′O’clock. Something just didn’t feel right.

The drumming sounds in her dream that had woken her up was actually her head thumping. She was having a ‘badt’ headache.

Slowly, pictures of last night played out in her mind in HD and like a lead in a horror movie, she began to connect the dots.

As she ran her fingers across her rib cage down to her belly button, she felt a burning sensation between her legs…a sensation caused by soreness. She couldn’t understand why she was naked but it dawned on her why her legs were parted and didn’t seem to want to come together – she was BRUISED.

For the first time in her life, she noticed that saliva had weight as she could feel the burden of carrying so much of it in her mouth. It was the taste of bile.

The door eased open as Dunni waltzed in, all dressed up complete with the accessory of a smiley face. ‘Common girl, dress up and let’s leave, abi you don’t want to go back to school? I thought you said you wanted to go home today for reinforcements? Too much fun abi?’ Dunni teased as she approached the bed.

Funmi could see Dunni open up her mouth but she couldn’t hear a word as she was locked up in a cocoon of regret. She felt numb.

‘Get up now’.

she finally heard Dunni’s voice but she lay still, not because she didn’t want to get up, but because she couldn’t get up – she was BROKEN.

Dunni swept her legs off the edge of the bed to create a sitting space for herself and she felt a wave of pain course through her body.

‘Funmi, you’re a virgin?’ Dunni asked as she saw the pints of blood on the bedsheets.

The words slapped her right in the face as hot scalding tears ran down her cheeks. ‘Not anymore,’ she said, her voice breaking with every word uttered.

Dunni sat still, stunned for a moment but in a quick recovery brushed it aside. ‘It’s not a big deal, everyone had a first time, and every first time wasn’t the same. You’re even lucky that it’s my handsome cousin Bode that was your first. My first was an ugly uncle’.

Funmi winced in pain as she got up from the bed to wash up.

‘There’s no sex like sex when you’re high,’ Dunni said as she helped her to the bathroom. ‘Gosh, I wish my first time was like this’.

‘I was high?’ Funmi asked, her fragile frame vibrating with shock. She couldn’t understand how anyone got high on orange juice.

‘All the drinks were laced,’ Dunni said. Her eyes with a tint of glint. ‘You were not high, you were stoned. Thank me later, I just gave you a valentine to remember.’ Her dry laughs closing her witless remark.

Funmi swung her hand in the direction of the voice and her palm landed right on spot – the face of Dunni. The sound was deafening. ‘You have killed me’. Her breathing becoming heavier and a bit laboured.

Dunni was more shocked than angry. She couldn’t understand why her friend was distraught. A closer look at Funmi and she could see clearly. This was a girl who didn’t have fun – she was BATTERED.

‘I’m sorry’.

Dunni closed up the space between her friend and wrapped her up in a hug.

‘No, I’m sorry.’ Funmi replied. ‘I was naïve.’

This was not the way she had planned to give up her virginity. Not in a hotel room like a whore. She had been caught up in the fancy of the valentine spirit and the responsibility of her actions, she must now bear.

A first time without a memory. Taken by a man she had only met twice before. She closed her eyes and wished she could turn back the hands of time. Try as she did, she knew it was an exercise in futility. Valentine was long gone – she was living in the morning after.


Bode smiled as he watched the video on his phone, it didn’t matter that she was stoned, it was still a proof of his conquest. He couldn’t wait to show it off to his friends. He tagged it ‘Valentine 2014′. It was his prize and he was prepared to bask in it – the morning after.

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  1. Normal thing; for some people though.
    Well done.

    1. @bunmiril thanks for stopping by. appreciated

  2. RoseofSharon (@whistlingbeautiful)

    Waoh !! Awesome read… Is there a continuation?

    1. @whistlingbeautiful i should believe there is. inasmuch as it would be difficult to make Funmi speak. i should pull that off (smiles). thanks for stopping by. your thoughts are appreciated.

  3. Well, as it happens….

    1. @vincentdepaul thanks for stopping by. appreciated

  4. This is quite tragic :( Stupid,stupid,dumb move, Funmi *smh*
    This was well written…

    1. @Rachel_Williams thanks for stopping by. appreciated.

  5. Thats rape…totally not acceptable…

    1. @schatzilein i thought about that too *smiles* and its pissing.
      @hymar…you should come see this, remember we had a lil deal sometime back, sorry it took a while…but its finally here. go hard on this like you promised you would the next time i”m out.(please)

  6. Hmnn, poor girl, sad story.

    my only issue was d last line. I Thot it was already the morning after.

    good job.

    1. @funpen thanks for stopping by. Yes its the morning after… if your observation in the last line is what i think it is…then the answer to that is just some words apart. thanks again for stopping by. appreciated.

  7. The truth about the kind of things that happen on vals day charades…

    Nicely written but check out this statement –> ‘She was having a ‘badt’ headache.’…
    I don’t think you should have used the word ‘badt’ in describing how severe the headache was…You’re writing a story and your power of description is seen in your ability to create imagery. Using a slang that is more applicable to text messages or twitter in your story, I believe, kills the art.

    Then in this line —> ‘Funmi, you’re a virgin?’ Dunni asked as she saw the pints of blood on the bedsheets.

    You need to be sure of your usage of words….a pint of blood is quite a lot of blood.

    In all, nice flash…with a lesson to learn.

    1. @Afronuts .nice one. correction taken and appreciated. *smiles* at ‘pints’…dunno what i was thinking (hitting my head hard). as she saw the ‘stain’ of blood on the bedsheets would have been apt. i get your idea on the usage of the word ‘badt’ and i understand painting the situation with words instead of using short cuts. in all i appreciate and thanks for reading.

    1. @aniefiokitong Yeah…really sad. thanks for stopping by.

  8. Poor girl.
    The sad thing is, crimes against girls and women are almost seen as the norm these days.
    Thanks @dees-hive for writing this.
    I will look out for the rest.
    Well done.

    1. @olajumoke…thanks for stopping by i really appreciate it. the series is presently in its fourth episode. you can check it out…and please do drop comments…cos i’d like to hear your perspective on the story, (very important feedback)

      1. @olajumoke thanks for stopping by i really appreciate it. the series is presently in its fourth episode. you can check it out…and please do drop comments…cos i’d like to hear your perspective on the story, (very important feedback)

  9. interesting

    1. @innoalifa always pleasing to have you drop your your tots…its really appreciated. thanks a bunch.

      1. @dees-hive always glad reading your works………. :)

  10. No! No no no, you’re kidding!!
    The toad VIDEOED it?! :/
    #sigh. Some guys sha.

    Lovely start. @dees-hive, I know i’m late but still…very enjoyable read. Now this is probably nothing yeah, but personally, i might have preferred if you didn’t emphasize on some words with caps. Y’know; BATTERED, BROKEN, etc. I honestly don’t know how to put it, it just felt like you were yelling;”Hey! Pay attention to this!” and i’m like; “I am Dee, ok?!”
    ;) Anyway, on to the next…

    1. @kwiksie …better late than never… i get the caps thing on Battered, Broken and Bruised stuff…and i agree 100% with your tots…however the piece was created for something else until a last minute change of mind. anyways its nice to know i managed to get your attention with it…you know you can be kinda distracted sometimes…hehehehehe

      1. Can you imagine this guy! 0_0
        Distracted abi? Wahala no dey….#evillaugh

  11. Regret is a bitch innit? It held my interest, I like.

    1. @feiO glad u did…you’re welcome to the ride.

  12. friend sha! part 2 plzzzzzzzz

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