The First Meet With DÉJÀ VU

I remembered seeing my body tortured, bloody and tied waiting for justice to be served in a place very dark and foreboding.

“You shouldn’t have done it, a voice from the emptiness echoed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

It was then I saw it all. The first encounter with love on that fateful day, then the asking her out to the countless date scenes we cruised on and then after months of uncontrolled waiting, the fast forward to our Adam and Eve state, the connection was too much, the passion too deep. The common animal set in us as in every human came out, there was no pause, no stop, long scenes of frantic touches and kissing to behold.

As I watched on, my sanities took over. Shouldn’t I stop? Have I confused love with sex? This was deadly sin against one’s body. Did I think God would look the other way? Where was morality?

Me on the screen hesitated, but the forbidden fruit was heaven to hearken to reason, the heated shouts of love calling the needed essence of all coitus. My peter could not help but find love’s channel, the animalistic pulling in and out with deafening cries led to the point of orgasm. It was eros as the me on the screen pulled out of her and our flesh stopped its rhythmic grinding. It was pleasure of thirty minutes at its height, then nothing.

The screen went blank. The show was over.

I presume it was from that lifeless state, that I opened my eyes only to find my body in that death state waiting for the last knell of the judge’s gavel.

“Since, it was hard for you to wait, justice must be served on a hot plate,” the voice echoed again.

“Where am I?” I managed to ask.

“In your head,” the voice replied.

It continued. “Jotalo, this analogy should be enough for one who is wise.”

That was the last I heard when in flash-like speed, I was throng into a blank where men’s mind stay oblivious to the reality around them. There I remained until I snapped out of that world.

As I stood there, the plain realisation of the sight before me came knocking at the door- a déjà vu. There she was walking towards my direction, beautiful like Eve, the exact woman I saw in my reverie. As she drew close, nausea set in, my body reacted strangely, with my movement uncoordinated, and short glances exchanged, the electricity in the air flashed a tale of love. Was it true? I walked past her with a cold stare on my face. I could neither touch nor talk to her. It was not yet time.

Still, I knew our path would cross more than frequently as from that day and it was only time before we would become one. I only had to wait to do things rightly else, Remi, my wife, this enchantress would have become my femme fatale.

18 thoughts on “The First Meet With DÉJÀ VU” by Somefun Oluwasegun (@SamoluExpress)

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  2. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    You have a subtle way of enslaving words to pass feelings. I like the way you described the sex scene. Short and concise, but it stretched wildly in my imagination. Well done, sir Somefun.

  3. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Good stuff
    Well done.

  4. I got lost at some point, but at the end, you drove home your point.
    Interesting piece!

    1. that’s good to know

  5. So rife with intellectual depth it almost reads like an abstract art.
    Like a piece of poetry that struts itself in prosaic form
    Nice flash.

  6. confusing, but brilliant.

    1. thanks, i will take a cue on that @funpen

  7. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    afronuts just said all..poetically written prose

  8. interesting

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