Sweet Mother

Rose stormed into her sister’s room and stood in front of the latter, arms akimbo. Onyeka Onwenu’s sweet mother was playing softly from the stereo behind her.

“I thought we agreed we aren’t going over to mum’s place, why did you change your mind?”

“She’s been asking us to come over for two years now Rose, I think we should give her a chance. We should at least hear what she has to say.”

“Why are you saying this Mona? That woman didn’t give us a chance before she left many years ago! You were barely three and I was only a year old when she left, she wants us back now that we’re grown and you want to run to her like a puppy?” Rose asked through clenched teeth and Mona could tell she was angry, Rose only spoke like that when she got angry. Her hands had fallen from her waist and were now hanging at her sides, fists clenched.

Their mother had left them with their father at a very young age because the man had very little money and could hardly meet the family’s needs. She had taken the children to a relative’s house, packed her bags and left the house, leaving only a note that said she had gone in search of greener pastures and her husband should pick the children from the relative’s house.

The family later heard she married a popular politician but now she was back, after fifteen years to ask their father for one thing.

She wanted her children back.

Unfortunately for her, the girls being grown ups refused to go to their mother and she was forced to be contented with random visits from them which the girls had vehemently refused to comply with until Mona started to have a change of heart.

“She’s still our mother Rose, she brought us into this world, we can’t say we don’t know her.”

“But I don’t know her! Look, I can’t force you to make a decision Mona. Do whatever you want to do, you can even pack your things and go live with her and her rich politician husband. I’m fine here with dad and please, turn off that music, it’s disgusting!”

Mona could almost grab the anger and irritation in her sister’s voice and she flinched as the latter slammed the door on her way out. Rose’s behaviour was understandable especially since she didn’t even know their mother at all but as Mona turned down the volume of her stereo, she knew it would only take some time for Rose to change her mind and agree to meet their mother. After all, didn’t people say time healed wounds?

9 thoughts on “Sweet Mother” by Bibbie (@Bibbie)

  1. hmmmmm…….sweet mother indeed

  2. It gets confusing when y’all don’t specify if your piece is serialized. I like the story though. Good job

  3. Sorry guys but this isn’t a series…last time I checked this story was a draft. Am really nt sure how it got published cos I don’t remember submitting it for review. Tnx for reading though.

    1. Same thing happened to a story of mine. Admin said a glitch in the system mixed up pending posts and drafts. Lovely story though. Seems like a series, btw.

  4. Nice story Bibbie, but I think this would do well as a series. I already have scenarios playing out in my head for part 2.

  5. To be continued abi?

    And did Onyeka owenu really sing any song titled ‘Sweet mother’, or you’re mixing it up with Nico Mbarga’s song?

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