My Favourite Lover

He is so calm,lovely,passionate,yes he is so passionate about me,i know his love is till the end of time,he is a perfect lover and my favourite.With him,there is no guile and deceit,his heart is so pure and beautiful,he is impeccable,the thoughts of him makes me smile and remember how lucky i am.

But I? i am just a little flirt,i have the love of the most amasing person on earth but i keep cheating,i keeping flirting with other guys less than his standard,each time i cheat,i know he bleeds,he cries and hurts.I met Tunji in a friends party,i knew he wasnt the kind of guy a decent gurl should be with,a guy like him is all out for the piece of cake but he was irrestible,i wanted him,i just wanted a little rendevous,a wild romance with him and i was all out for the getting.The first few days were very ravaging,he was a bad guy and he did bad things to me,i knew my favourite lover knew about this secret relationship,it was on one of my little trip with Mr Bad guy,he called amd reminded me of how much he much he loved and trusted me to keep his love in my heart,i felt so bad and a prang of conscience pricked me but i went ahead to quench my lustful desire.After a ravishing moment of shameful passion,Tunji got off from me and left me on the bed,he went out to return a call that kept distracting us,i could see him from from the window being so sleek while talking,he was a smooth talker and i knew he was talking with another gurl,i would never win his heart,no woman fully had it.He left me just to flirt with someone else on the phone,i felt ashamed and cheap as i dressed up and stepped out to meet him,i beckoned on him about my departure,all i got in return was a wave and a wink….Geez! hot tears flushed down my cheeks,offcourse i knew his kinda person before getting involved in this messy game.




i closed my eyes all through my journey back home and guess who i saw just by my gate,hes being trying to reach me as i had switched off my phones while with Tunji,i couldnt look into his eyes,i felt so guilty and sorry for all i had done,he held me so close and said ” i know you are sorry,come on in,you need to have a shower and rest” uhm! i know you will say impossible but with my Favourite Lover,it is always possible.And for some months,i was fully commited to pleasing him and making my relationship work,he accepted and showed me more care,his love was always faithful than the morning,i promised myself to be faithful to this faithful lover.




I was all goody for over a year until i ran into Mr Bad guy again,with his ever slick self,he made another move,i remembered the promises i made to my Favourite Lover but a tiny part of me wanted to have fun with Tunji again just one last time.I got home thinking alot about this twist and started to act funny and cold towards my Favourite Lover and as usual he knew what was going on,for he knew me like the back of his palm.Just then i recieved an sms from Tunji asking that i meet him somewhere for some passionate moment,i gigled and took my jacket,as i was about to step out,my Favourite Lover held my hand and pulled me closed and said amidst teary eyes “i know you are going to meet him,why do you always hurt yourself?you can do better,for you are much more than this,hes got nothing to offer…what i feel for you is uncinditional and timeless but if you still want to go,i will be here waiting only if it isnt too late” .He was truly hurt as i walked away from him,yeah! i was being foolish,i still gigled at the thought of Tunji and when i got there,he parted his lips in a smirk,he was confidemt i would always show up and it was then i remembered my Favourite Lover,he was much more than Tunji,what he gives,Tunji can never ever give,why is my human nature playing tricks with me?i know where i should be and with whom to be with but i get carried away by unworthy Tunji,who shall deliver ,e from the weight of this sin that easily beseth me,i moved closer to Tunji,looked into his eyes ans said ‘ITS OVER,am going back home” i ran into a cab,praying its not too late to make it work with my Favourite Lover,he never left where he was,i went on my knees and crawled back to him,this time confessing how truly sorry i am and how helpless and broken i feel without him,this time i knew i couldnt overcome the ploys of Tunji on my own,i needed him in my life and shouted out,”please take the wheels ,am taking the passenger sit’ .He opened up his ever ever merciful arm and accepted me in love saying “i will never leave you nor forsake you” yes! the ever merciful Jesus took me in his ARMS AND WILL NEVER EVER LET GO OF ME

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Lover” by Imi (@Imi)

  1. An amazing love. God.

    The piece has issues. I guess you didn’t read through after typing.
    – spacing issues. There ought to be a space after a punctuation.
    – wrongly spelt words e.g uncinditional
    – “i” ought to be typed as “I”

    1. Yes,you are right namdi.Noted.

  2. @Imi, I love this, as soon as I started reading I just knew this must be for God,thanks that God is not man oh, we all would be dead by now. Singing this song last night by Israel Houghton and this words shows his awesomeness and faithfulness to us; “I have a father
    he calls me his own
    he’ll never leave me
    no matter where I go”

    1. Thanks Blackgold,God is forever faithful.

  3. Good story. Work on the issues.

  4. Nice story but please edit and work on the stated issues.

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