Live The Moment

Live The Moment

I’m lying here and talking to myself…

Lemme start this the primary school debating society way: before I proceed, let me first define the paramaters. Live, What does it mean to live? Most people are alive and don’t live, how is this? According to the Advanced English Dictionary on my Windows phone, live (verb) denotes several (seven in fact) meanings. Definition number five connotes “live” to mean “having life, or being alive”, while its seventh meaning is “to pursue a positive and satisfied existence”. Now do you see how many people are alive but don’t live?

On to the next one, moment. This guy too has many things it implies, ranging from etymology to finance, mathematics and physics. But here, we’re concerned with “moment” referring to “present time” or “here and now”. I’d take “here and now” because it inoculates two concepts; place and time.

Now we know what our parameters mean, lets define the topic, living the moment. From the preceding paragraphs, we can combine the definitions of both terms to coin something. We would be right to define “living the moment” as “pursuing a positive and satisfying existence, here and now”.

Most people hardly live the moment. They’re either caught up in the future, or lost in the past. Most of us are too cumbered with burdens of the past for us to positively exist in our present place and time. Many of us are busy worrying about what the future holds for us to live here and now.

We always forget that the past is what it is, past. While the future is yet to come (and we may not even see it). Remember that poem in John Mason’s book Conquering An Enemy Called Average?

No more forward or behind
Do I look in hope or fear
But grateful, take the good I find
The best of now and here

What we should forget is the past, as I wrote in MiSHAP, we haven’t be gifted with the ability to change the past, yet. Neither is it in our power to see the future, so why worry? All your fears are just assumptions, till the future becomes the moment, we can’t say what it holds.

We also fail to live the moment when we’re seeking perfection. If you’re seeking the perfect place and time, you’d wait forever.
He who watches the wind will not sow, and he who observes the clouds will not reap.
Eccl 11:4. Makes sense?

Procrastination is another reason we fail to live the moment. Proscrastination, that same old miscreant that steals time. We fail to live the moment when we’re constantly postponing things to the future.

Now this what you’ll do: Make up for the past, and make way for the future. How? By living the moment. By positively existing here and now.

What’s that hurt or failure or disappointment of the past you’re holding on to? Let it go! Who’s that person lighting up your world that you haven’t talked to? Set that p!!

What’s that idea your mind is pregnant with? What’s that gift bubbling inside of you waiting to vapourise into the world? What’s that life changing project you’re waiting for the right moment to embark on? As Judi Zafara wrote, Go for it!

Live the moment!!!

Meanwhile I’d just lie here and listen to Cobhams Asuquo’s Ordinary people (jam of life!!!) and hope you find this interesting and helpful. If you do, please comment below and share with your friends on social networks. If you don’t, well, I was talking to myself!


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  1. @ Clemency. May God deliver me from procrastination oh. well done.

    1. @blackgold me and my soul too. Procrastination steals more than time from me.

      thanks for stopping by.

  2. Good article…. but i noticed typos… first line second paragraph….

    1. @Vincentdepaul thanks much. Your correction is duly noted.

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