A History Of You

A History Of You

Did they tell you that Hydrogen is

The commonest element in the universe

(Somesay it is the foundation brick of it)

And that your body is more than 70 percent water

(And water is 2 parts hydrogen to one part oxygen

And oxygen is the 3rd most common element too)

So when you wonder about your significance

In the borderless spaces of the universe

Remember, you are built with the founding molecule of the universe

You yourself are the universe,

Borderless. Endless. Beginning from everything. Reaching into infinity –

Never Limited.


The sun you see in the sky is a star

A red giant,

A child of an older star,

And you are its child too

Made of the same lucent star stuff

So when you look for a light within you

And only darkness answers back

Do remember, the darkness is the stranger

You are starfolk

Able to drive out the dark, and shine!


There is a common belief that you are an accident

A freak of evolution –

But have you pondered,

That in the millions of stars that are in the milky way

And the bigger millions in Andromeda,

Or Orion,

There is no breathing living thing

With the exactness of you

The cackle of your laughter,

That glint in your eye,

The beats of your heart

Or feelings in your veins.  Nothing!

And accidents have no such peculiarity

They have no lusty magnificence of being,

That you do –

Nothing, like you.

Because you are a deliberate miracle

The world could not do without.


Have you looked around you lately,

Walked by the Ocean

Where you arose from,  Not too long ago

Do you see the Circling Shark

Menace swirling about it,

The graceful Whale

Snouting Water,

Daring nature with its imposing size

The gladful dolphins

Chattering away, in intelligble quips

Sizing you up,

The slithering seahorse

Gasping octopus

Clams, fishes, planktons

Great or small

You have come above them,

Risen to land, which they dare not

You have staked a claim on wonder

And adventure

So remember, that you are made of sterner stuff

To intersperse sea and land

Than to fear any challenges, life may throw at you!


Look up in the air,

See those birds

Beautyful and enchanting

Flitting about in wondrous swoops

They are the fallen –

After once ruling the earth,

Fire in their belly

Power in their steps

Commanding heights,

But when the earth hiccuped

And adjusted itself

They feared, they fled and took refuge in the skies

The one that dared remain on land

Refusing to fly

Could not face its fate

It dug its head into the sand

And waited –

But it was that same fearful danger

That made you climb out of the deeps

That hardy heart that would not run or flee

Till this then became your world, too.

So you will not run from today

Or tomorrow

You will not take flight with your hands

And crash to your death.

You will live, you will thrive

And this will be your world, too!


About you are the charming beasts

Primates, so like you…

Like, but not you.

And it is because they stopped to grow

Or slowed down,

Or lost their way

That is why their fate lies in your hands

You did not stop

You did not slow

You had to become,

And keep becoming

Which you did

And keep doing

So, you ruled this world

Able to destroy it in the blink of an eye

Or nuture it, the way your will moves you

And that was many yesterdays back.

Today, you will not stop

You will not slow

You will gain tomorrow,

Before today’s dusk announces itself.

You, will keep growing.

4 thoughts on “A History Of You” by O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

  1. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    I am wowed…this poem is great 2 times over!!!
    even though i dont believe in evolution, i love what you did here.
    And its inspiring too! ‘Do remember, the darkness is the stranger’.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @oriaifo-donald, Oh, Thank you for the warm appreciation.

  2. I agree with Donald…you can write o.

  3. I agree with Donald…you can write o, kudos man.

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