If I were a Woman

If I were a Woman

For a couple of days now, I’ve been curiously wondering how it would be like if I had been made in a different sex or perhaps had the opportunity of a sex change, how different I may or may not have turned out and this is perhaps a product of my ponderings.


If I were a woman

My heart wants to know

How would I have been?


Would I have been a beautiful damsel,

With men drooling at the sights of me,

Or would I have been unattractive,

With no one but myself admiring?


Would I have been smart,

With the whole world wondering

Where the beauty and brains emanated

Or would I have been so dull,

That all would ridicule my beauty without brains?


Would I cringe at the thought of my monthlies,

Wondering how I would concentrate,

In the face of rushing blood,

Or I would look forward to another time,

To feel my womanhood again.


How would my first love be like,

Would he cause butterflies in my tummy,

Leaving me to nurse a crush without him acting

Or confront me with his thoughts,

Giving me room to pretend as though,

He never really mattered


Would I look forward to my wedding night,

Or avoid every thought of it,

Having lived in recklessness,

In my days of youthful exuberance


Would I make a good wife,

Caring for my loved one, with all my heart,

Regardless of his financial or social standing,

Or a wife whose care depended solely

On the state of things per time?


Would my belly burst with twins

Or all it would contain would be one per time.

Would I endure the period of barrenness that I may have,

Living like Sarah and Hannah,

Yet still giving glory to God,

Or would I wonder why on earth

I was made to go through all this


Would I make a good mother,

With my children cherishing every of our moments

Or a terrible and careless mother,

Bringing down the very fabric of my home,

With my own hands?


Would I Love God,

With all of my heart,

Doing everything possible,

To be at peace with him,

Or would I love the World,

Much more than I did love God,

With my idols being my Blackberrys, iPads, Men and money


Beyond it all,

Would I die Empty,

Having poured all I had into humanity,

Having a place in heaven,

Making the roads with other great women,

Who gave their all for their God, Families and Generations

Singing Hallelujahs in ceaseless wonders


Or would I make the longer journey,

Through the tortuous pits of hell,

Descending into its pains

And regretting the wasted years behind.


All this, my curious heart wants to know

9 thoughts on “If I were a Woman” by seyiakano (@seyiakano)

  1. eheheheh…… nice one

  2. You better carry on with the transgender plans and stop the hallucinations…LOL… nice thoughts.

  3. Well,If wishes were horses…

  4. For a guy… I am impressed. It is really nice. Though I can tell you flat out that you will not look forward to your monthlies…except of course you’re suspecting you have an unwanted pregnancy on the way.
    Nice piece. @seyiakano

  5. @ Seyiakano, beautiful piece, well done Bro. Loved every bit of it.

  6. Thanks for reading and for the comments. @amy78 , well that’s perhaps the general responses to that part from many ladies. Just maybe I would be the only woman that looks forward to monthlies if I were a woman. @blackgold thanks for the comment, feels good to know that you loved it. @sambright thanks, @vicreed, just like you said, if wishes were horses…

  7. this is wonderful

  8. don’t spend your brain and mind wondering what would have been, make the best of what you are already – a man of valour, a guy with literary acumen, a king to be chased by women of all kinds, a distinguished, a wonderful fella, a promising lad and gent…………….

  9. Nice thoughts. But to really know, you’d have to become a woman.

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