Forbidden: 18+

Forbidden: 18+


My eyes were still heavy when I walked into my office; my desk was as bald as I had left it. I heaved a sigh of relief upon the sight as I walked slowly to my desk, it means those miraculous mails had not found their ways to my desk yet. I was in no mood to treat any mail sef. I put my head on top of my desk and managed a few words of prayer, nothing better than fulfilling my early morning ritual, sometimes I even wonder why I do it; it has just become a part of my routine to say those few words of prayer and often I wonder if God listens to me anymore, or if He has ever listened. I rang the bell for my secretary. She hurriedly came into my office with her over painted face and a tightly fitted shirt that exposed a generous part of her cleavage leaving nothing to the imagination, her skirts were also tightly fitted and well above her knees revealing a very well rounded butt.

Normally, I would have reprimanded her for dressing like that, but today I was in no mood to even raise an eye. “I need a cup of coffee, make it black please which means don’t add any cream.”

“Yes sir” she replied curtly as though she could read the irritation in my voice like a book and hurriedly left the room, her cleavage bouncing as she did so, bringing a smirk to my face. The dark mood that had shadowed me earlier was slowly lifting like a clearing morning fog. Funny thing is that looking at my secretary sometimes lifted my spirit; maybe it was because of the immoral thoughts that always accompanied those lustful looks. The strange thing however, is the fact that I knew for a fact that she doesn’t like me at all, and we both enjoy playing the cat and mouse game but she always made sure that she satisfied me with whatever I required of her.

As though she was some sort of coffee making machine, she entered my office again with a tray filled with a cup, a saucer and a jug that had steam oozing out of its mouth. Bola bent slightly in front of my desk as she set out jug and the cup in the right order, trying as much as ever to earn my praise. My eyes could not help it but there were two bulging and generously sassy looking towers that seemed to me like two prisoners that were trying to escape the restrictions that were imposed by the camisole that Bola was wearing, I swallowed hard as I kept staring, I could not keep my eyes away, it was as though I had been hypnotized. Bola moved swiftly as she tried to set the cups either out of duty or because the show she was giving me was intentional or because she needed to get it done quickly and leave my office. For obvious reasons my body was getting stiff with sexual thoughts pounding all over my senses. I tried to shake it off but I could not, as though she could read my mind and see the battles that I was fighting with my fatigued self, she stared deep into my eyes, I cannot remember the last time she had given me that kind of look, it was piercing, it was as if she was calling for me to grab her. I shook my head voraciously and momentarily snapped out of my reverie.

Bola was almost done serving the coffee and was asking if I wanted sugar, instinctively I wanted to scream at her and beg her to stop messing with my head but instead I calmly arose from behind my desk and walked to the door and locked it. Then, I walked to where Bola stood pouring the coffee, and then as though I was under some sort of spell, I grabbed her waist, You would not have guessed what came over me, but I knew that I was heading towards the path of destruction slowly. I had expected her to jerk my hands away and insult me and I would have had to fire her and brace up for the lawsuit that would follow, but she did no such thing, instead she looked at me in a teasing manner and said, “I thought you were made of steel”. With that statement, I could not contain my hunger for her any longer; I pulled her close and ravaged her mouth hungrily. Her response was a marvel to me, because she kissed me back with the same kind of ferocity that I had kissed her. My earlier drowsiness had simply vanished and had been replaced with this ravenous hunger. I was having her, but I wanted more. I could not control myself any longer, all I knew was that I wanted more and my hands were acting in their own accord, before I knew it, I had ripped open her tightly fitted shirt and I started feasting on one of her luscious and delicious looking mounds after freeing it from the camisole. They were just as big as I had imagined them to be, I was panting furiously as my heart started pounding heavily, Bola was moaning at the top of her voice, the intensity of her moans scared me a little because I felt that anybody could walk in on us at that moment, but I brushed the thoughts aside and continued what I was doing, I wasn’t ready for what happened next. Bola grabbed my belt and started unbuckling it, I was hard and supposedly ready to take her, but my mind was not prepared for it, I was not sure that I was ready to hit this depth, this has got to be an “all time” low, even for me.

“What are you doing Bola?” I asked still in my shocked state.

“Isn’t it obvious?” she asked, “I want you to finish what you we have started”. Started? I was puzzled; she came on to me  didn’t she? Truth be told, my head was in a conflict with my body. I don’t know what to do.


14 thoughts on “Forbidden: 18+” by Tolu Daniel (@toludaniel)

  1. Na wa oh!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg. Haaaa! I so much enjoy this!!! I like the way you use witty words to bring out the emotions of the main character/narrator. But there seems to be few punctuation disorder. Some places where you are supposed to start a new sentence, which should require full stop, i keep encountering commas. Other than that, this piece is on point.

    1. glad you liked it….will work on all your pointers

  3. You bette4 finish what your started…dont chicken out….office romance bad bad bad

    1. lol, so thats your advice huh?

  4. The babe get time to answer question sef.

    Tolu, hope there is a second part?

  5. Hian!

    Oga, get a room!

    And check out your mixed use of tenses in the beginning,

  6. Your story was full of contradictions, had no depth and full of clichés.

  7. @toludaniel, the writing isn’t bad but the story is completely unoriginal.Also check your tense, they are all over the place.

  8. Hmm, @toludaniel: What was actually making the character pant furiously as his heart started pounding heavily? He has not even penetrated into her; he was only “feasting on one of her luscious and delicious looking mounds”, so how come he was “panting furiously”? To me, it just doesnt add up.
    Anyway, it’s all good. Keep it up!

  9. Next episode pleaseeeeeeeee.

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