The Wish

If wishes were horses

men would ride

past me, It moves, The hearse…

my emotions I can’t hide

my greatest wish now is resurrection

of who I see dead before my eyes

but my wishes like horses are running from an insurrection

brought about by the situation in my mind, Confusion.



How do I cope? How do I persevere?

In the face of this temptation so severe

my trust in life is all but shattered,

my very being is all in tatters.

console me not with words and kind,

console me not with money and talk

bring her back! is my only wish

from here to eternity this horse, I’ll ride.

10 thoughts on “The Wish” by Uche Ebo (@uchennaebo)

  1. lovely
    well done…

  2. I don’t know if it’s because I read this thing with a beat, but this was great.

    1. @six. I feel u. Thanx

  3. Nice.
    Well done.

    1. @bunmiril. Thanx a whole lot.

  4. Last line was my favorite…”from now till eternity this horse i”ll ride”

    Losing a loved one is painful…

    Well done

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