Our Angels 29

Richard unzipped his travel bag and took out the small box. He placed himself infront of her knees and asked her again. “Adesola Aisha Shodeke, will you please be my wife?”

Although seeing the ring seemed to have shocked her, she didn’t answer him. She had his other hand in her hands and her fingers were stroking his wedding band. It didn’t take him too long to figure out what was going on in her head.

“Sweetheart, Eniola is my past. I want you to be my future. I’m sorry I am proposing like this. I planned to take you somewhere special tomorrow because someone like you deserves nothing but the best.”

“I…. honestly… don’t know what to say. I didn’t know you were planning to ask me. I mean, I don’t want us to rush into anything.”

As soon as he took his seat next to her, he made his own question known. “You still love me, don’t you?”                      Desola nodded, determined not to say those three words this time.

“Why can’t we be together then?”

“Okay, I will marry you, Rotimi.”

Richard scooped her into his arms. In between saying,‘Thank you’, he kissed her.When they hugged, she nestled her head in his chest and whispered as low as she could, ‘I love you.’

I just don’t know if you love me too, she thought.

When Richard left the room to tell his brother-in-law the news, his wallet on the bedside table caught her attention. It was new, grey-black leather, rather than the brown and gold zipped one she’d seen with him. She picked it up expecting to see a picture of the twins in the sleeve pocket. Instead, a picture of a younger, ravishing Eniola with Richard in a photo booth beamed back at her. The doubts that Desola had fought with for a while came flooding to the surface in gushing torrents.


As arranged, by Alhaji and Richard, their nikkah wedding happened three months after he proposed. It was on the morning following their traditional ceremony. Alhaja wanted her only daughter’s wedding to be the talk-of -the- town but the men had other ideas. Alhaji insisted on sending his first daughter forth, the Islamic way. A quiet nikkah ceremony at his local mosque.That was his key condition, reluctantly accepted by Richard before he left the country. Desola agreed that the wedding should be as low key as possible.She just couldn’t fathom why Richard didn’t seem keen to celebrate their union. She wished he’d asked her friends, Ife and sister Grace to come down from London. She wished he’d brought the children with him to witness the day they would never get back. He promised her they would have a church wedding in London.

On the night of their nikkah though, he seemed almost as keen as her when they eventually arrived at his house in Lagos. Her mother-in-law and the rest of his extended family left them to spend the night in different areas of Lagos. The newly-weds were due to leave for London the next afternoon but yet Desola wanted to unpack one of her bags. She wanted to leave a tube of cream or two behind in the home he spent his childhood in to make it smell and feel like her own home. She was trying to decide which nightwear to change into when she noticed her husband’s figure at the back of the house. He was crouched next to what looked like a headstone to her. She moved closer to the window.

When they drove into the compound, she’d seen her father-in-law’s grave. So she knew whom this headstone belonged to.


The woman she feared she would never be able to hold a candle to. The woman she feared her husband would rather be returning to London with.

Seeing him outthere like that reminded her of Monday morning, when her sister was plaiting her curls into neat corn-rolls. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri playing on her laptop had reduced her to an emotional wreck. She’d been unprepared for Fausat’s questions. Her sister wanted to know when Richard first told her he loved her. Desola told her the truth before she could stop herself.

“Are you sure it is wise to marry him when you don’t know how he feels for you?” “Anyway…” Fausat continued, “I’m sure he loves you. Why else would he have asked you to marry him? Just be a dutiful wife to him. He will figure out how he feels in time.”

Desola showered. She was lathering pinkish moisturizing lotion on her body when Richard walked in. She grabbed her dressing gown from the bed and draped it around her body as fast as she could. The wide grin on his face told her he’d seen everything.

“When a lady is in the room, you are supposed to knock,” she told him with a forced pout.

“Well, you are my wife now. If I had knocked I would have missed the feast you have laid on here.” His eyes strayed from her body to the nightwear she had draped on top of the duvet spread. “I hope this is just for my eyes only, Iyawo.”

“I wanted to look beautiful for you.”

“You already look beautiful to me.”

He closed the distance between them then cupped her chin with his palm. “You are amazing. I’m lucky to have you.” He kissed her, hungrily at first, then more passionately. When his hands started to undo the belt of her dressing gown, she pushed at his chest.

“Calm down, you are acting like it has been more than a year.”

He laughed. “Yeah it has been more than a year. A year, three months and eight days to be precise.”

She had to laugh then. He scooped her up and carried her to the bed. When he lowered her unto the bed, she promised herself that if she didn’t let his wife’s ghost in, her presence would never weigh them down. They would create a rock-solid relationship. It didn’t bother her that they wouldn’t be jetting off somewhere expensive for their honeymoon. Richard had explained he was simply too busy with work to go away. It didn’t matter to her that his late wife had enjoyed not one honeymoon but two. She had him at last. That was what mattered.

Later, when his breathing had steadied, she put her head on his bare chest. “I love you, Richard.”

She waited for something in return; anything to lessen the blow of the silence.It took a while before his head moved from its spot on the pillow. His eyes didn’t meet hers as he kissed her on the forehead.

“Goodnight, beautiful.”

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  1. Haba richard dont treat this girl like dis….if you knew you ainut ready why propose…sad

    1. @schatzilein, I hope his eyes open soon.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  2. I feel so sad now.I hope Desola wont regret marrying Richard.

    1. @jade69, I hope so too.
      You will find out soon. Thank you.

  3. Dis guy dey madt! I swear I wish say trailer go jam am. For me, I don’t really think that Richard’s love for his wife’s ghost is exactly ‘believable’ Mehn, he cheated on her b4 she died, he carried on with Des after she died. So why is his love for her conveniently turning up now? Tsk tsk. Serialists ehn. Let’s see how it goes.
    Well done, Jumoke.

    1. Hahaha no be only trailer…make fast train jam am join…LMAO

  4. @sibbylwhyte, is it Eniola’s ghost that is troubling him? Who knows? Lol……series and their unending issues.
    You will find out soon.
    This series is defo ending soon. Time for all these people and their dramas to get out of my head.
    Thanks for checking in.

  5. Richard has not let go of Eniola or maybe he feels guilty for getting married to Desola. Hope he doesn’t lose Desola this time

    1. Thank you @aadetoyin.
      I appreciate your comments.

  6. Richard dey try himself ni ? Alhaji will ve his head. Richard can’t love again, d words I Luv U, is heavy 4 him 2 say. Nice work babes!!!!

    1. @vicky, Alhaji will have his head. Lol. He will regret messing Alhaji’s princess about.
      Thanks for following us.

  7. Hmmmmmmn Richard….how many times did I call u?

    1. Does that man listen @Glowingdiva……hehe.
      Thank you for the comment dear.

  8. Chai! I feel for Desola oh. Richard just dey mess up walahi!

    1. @Nalongo, me too.
      I am grateful you are still checking in. Thank you.

  9. He loves desola but then he can’t get over the love and betrayal that he experienced from eniola. His heart is still sore, he knows he needs to heal and desola is the person that will help him but he needs time.

    Can desola wait for him? Will she be understanding? Will she look beyond the seeming rejection and just love him and nurture him till he heals and then pours all his love on her?

    Is there still another dark cloud looming over their perfect ending?

    1. Can she wait for him?
      I think that depends on several factors…….not forgetting she is only human and we all seek to be loved and wanted.
      @topazo, thanks for checking in.
      You know, I cherish your comments.
      Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Aww, I really pity sister Desola o…having to share a man’s attention with a dead woman. I hope she gets through it.
    You’ve really done a good job on this series @olajumoke…well done and may your pen continue to bleed.

  11. I suppose the good thing is, he can’t leave her for the dead wife…lol.
    That would be impossible.
    Thank you @Bibbie for your kind compliments. I will work harder.

  12. I agree with @sibbylwhyte. Richard has been ‘carrying on’ with Eniola for a long time, so he had better have a more believable reason for leaving Desola hanging like that, cos the memories of Eniola don’t quite cut it.

    Yeah, like @topazo said, he’s been hurt and all of that drama, but while Eniola loves and nutures him to health, who does the same for her? Abi, she no get her own issues?

    All that said, I bet you have something up your sleeves, Jumoke.

    You’ve done really well with this and it’s been a pleasure following the story, episode after episode. Well done, girl!

  13. @Olaedo, thank you for following from day one. Sending you hugs dear, thanks.

  14. Men: we can complex and dey complicated,sha!! (sic). The thoughts/travails hidden in this man’s heart aren’t known by anybody except the man himself and it will take a strong and patient woman like our Desola to draw them out and help him deal with them. But our Richard will have to ”cry for help” i.e talk and express himself as Men tend to bottle up a lot and try to handle a lot of stuff by themselves, it’s when it gets out of hand you see a man crying for help. My tuppence. Lets see how this pans out @ Olajumoke. Kare Omo!!

  15. @LEROY, your comment has put a smile on my face this evening. I wondered where you were. Busy, I guess. Good to have you back. Thanks for checking in dear.

  16. Anything 4rm Olajumoke is extraordinary. I find this most extraordinary. Gud job..*winks*

    1. @praize, you want my head to get ‘big’? Lol.
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      I really appreciate it but I don’t think I’m that good jare.
      You are just too nice. Sending plenty hugs. Thanks.

  17. How did Alhaji get over his dislike for Richard, @olajumoke?

    Can Richard still be holding a torch for his dead wife after so long, and when his new love is physically present? I didn’t find that too realistic. It’s not impossible, but my feeling is that if there is something that doesn’t feel realistic, the writer should show why it’s still believable (for example, if we had seen in previous scenes Richard thinking about his wife and showing sadness her when her name was mentioned, then it would be believable that even at the time of his new marriage, he would still be carrying a photo of hers around.

    Other than that, this was OK. Well done.

    1. Thanks for reading this @TolaO.
      You wanted to know why Alhaji disliked Richard (in your previous comment) and (now) how he got over it.
      I think they got on from day one, until Richard ‘blamed him for failing to protect Desola and her sisters’. I think most parents of abuse victims would bear a grudge after hearing a comment like that. Especially, at a time when the parent/relative is struggling to come to terms with the news.
      And it was at the hospital as well that he discovered that Richard’s relationship with his daughter was more than the ‘sister-in-law’s friend’ relationship that Richard led him to believe it was.
      Richard would have had to ‘grovel’ to Alhaji when he asked if he could marry his daughter. And I’m guessing Alhaji would have had time to get over his anger.
      I hope that answers your question.
      I can’t possibly answer the second question without spoiling the concluding parts.
      Thanks for your time. I appreciate your comment.

  18. Unbelievable! Can this Richard grow up pls?

    Looking forward to the next!

    Good job!

  19. @Estee, but he called her ‘beautiful’…..lol.
    Atleast he didn’t tell her to shut up and go to bed.
    Many thanks for reading jare.
    You know I appreciate your comments.
    The next episode I blv will be published tomorrow.

  20. interesting

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