writer frustrated block

Oh muse, where art thou?

The sound of silence surrounds me
but the echo of my thoughts engulfs me

My blinkers keep battering while iLie awake..
yet my emotions seem to be asleep with the rest of the world.

Has my muse forsaken me?
For all iFeel is the captivity of loss-for-words.

So many thoughts and emotions to pen down
Yet my thoughts and pen aren’t in symphony.

Oh muse, where art thou…has thou deserted me?
Or has my fusion with reality made thee jealous?

Like a repentant sinner…
..and as sober as a judge

iLie awake waiting for my muse to propel safe landing of the thoughts me on a page.


6 thoughts on “Oh muse, where art thou?” by Balak Team (@Queen-bee)

  1. brillant, all words busy like a bee!

    1. thank you…i am humbled by your words :)

  2. That feeling that drives you bonkers…
    You got something out and down at last, thy muse returneth to thee, Bee.
    Well done.

    1. iKnow right…*sigh* it can be totally crazy but yeah, the feeling somehow stimulated these thoughts. Thanks for the pat dear… :)

    1. Gracias Godson :)

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