Not All Beautiful Speeches Are Ever Backed With Actions

Not All Beautiful Speeches Are Ever Backed With Actions

Not All Beautiful Speeches Are Ever Backed With Actions

Great men they say are always defined by how they treat lesser men or their followers; but this is not the picture that describes leaders of our great nation. How many times have we been promised that our airspace will no longer be death traps? We have been led that route a million times before; yet time after time the big birds (aeroplanes) keep falling off the sky.

There never seems to be an end to numerous ‘sweet’ presidential speeches directing flags to fly at half mast. Will things ever change in this country? Oh! This last plane crash really hit the very depth of my heart; there goes another old friend. I am touched, and I know you are as well; as a matter of fact, everyone that has ‘nija’ blood running in his vein is at the moment of his life when the clock has suddenly stopped ticking.

Dear Lord; not another plane crash! Our leaders will never learn or would they? We keep repeating same mistake over and over again. Our airplanes are actually like death traps; every other year we lose our best hands. We lose top grade professionals in different industries; men and women that could have steered the ship of this great nation to her destiny.

Fathers bid their children farewell hoping to catch a quick trip to some states in the North or in the East without the slightest idea that they were never going to set their eyes on their loved ones ever. Trips designed to last an hour or less leading to the great beyond where no one ever returns. More and more young widows are made every other year from avoidable and needless air crashes. We never learn; at least not until air crashes become something that happens naturally in our country.

Farewell to all departed souls, farewell to breadwinners, farewell to dreams. Welcome loneliness; loneliness to those families who will have to adjust their lifestyles to suit their new found status.

Is it not so sad that vendors and the press in general are smiling to the banks since bad news sells a lot? These are low moments in our lives; but did you know that hundreds of people out there are smiling to the banks? I guess millions all over the world can’t even remember where they kept the remote control of their decoders; having turned their cable television stations to CNN and Aljazeera since the news of the air crash broke out.

Some are even fed up because it is not the first time they are hearing such news. In fairness, plane crashes happen in other countries, but ours have become a tradition. The only thing we ever get to hear after these crashes are beautiful and emotional speeches from men on babarigas and other traditional attires. Our leaders have become used to constructing beautiful condolence speeches; speeches that never get beyond the lips. We are such hypocrites; individuals who are soon to sweep serious issues under the carpet as soon as we get to the comfort of our mansions and castles.

As I write this, there are several headlines that could drive you crazy. The government is being quoted yet again; yes they have gone on record as usual to promise “full scale investigation into the air disaster;” but nothing seems to happen! Of course, immediate actions will always be taken in form of committees, panel of enquiries, etc; but is that not always where it ends? Heavy clamp downs are made almost immediately in the form of arrests and seizure of licenses; but only for a while. Lives and emotions of millions of people are sacrificed just to please their cronies.

If you feel sick and tired of things happening in our airspace; then you have got company because I am shocked beyond description. No doubt compensations will be paid; insurance companies will be called upon to pay, but is that enough to console those who have lost their loved ones?

I am a bit tempted, and I think there is nothing bad in trying to find out what criteria are used in issuing licenses to airline operators? Are licenses issued on the basis of your financial ability or your relationship with those in authority?

Until things are done the way they ought to; it will be difficult to see those beautiful speeches other than what they already are. They are nothing but words oozing out from lips tainted with hypocrisy and deceit.

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  1. Which aircrash are we talking about…?

    I feel you. Sad.

  2. Na so we see am o.

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