My Words, My Poetree

I scribble down words on the leaves of my poetree

Mystic signs, strange symbols you see

These words that I speak; deep from within

You can’t see from without

Yes! Words from my poetree glow in the sun

Like a baobab tree, they spread out searching your ears

Asking your understanding

Leaves falling, leave the leaves, let them fall

Let their veins bearing my words

Touch the ground, beat with it.

My words are no mystery to those who feel,

To those who pick the leaves from under my tree

They see the shining light; a reflection, true self

A mystery is born

Inscribed on leaves

Written mysteries

Word for word, vein through vein

Line after line, precept after precept

Little scribbles here and there

These leaves shall bless the soil,

Grow another poetree,

To bless you, you, and all of mankind.Ba0bab tree

3 thoughts on “My Words, My Poetree” by Edwina-Neofloetry (@Edwina-Neofloetry)

  1. good and nice poem

  2. Poems like yours are rare. I love the way you paint the picture – not a ‘twinkle twinkle little star ‘ kind of poetry.

  3. @Godson …I somewhat disagree…twinkle…twinkle little star is also a good poem on its own….i like its second verse particularly…
    Nice poem, edwina…

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