My Ekiti Friend

My Ekiti Friend

I have a friend named Kola and he is from Ekiti State. he has refused to speak with his family members since they pissed him off and I can’t blame him.

When he got to the States, he started dating a white girl called Rose. after dating for seven good years, his family members called him and said he can’t marry a white girl and that he should look for a black one

Reluctantly, he broke up with Rose and then started dating Barbados, a black girl who is from Jamaica. When his family members heard about that one too, they told him that the “Black” they were referring to was an African and not the other black. He broke up with Barbados and started dating Silvia who is a Ghanian.

They (his family) rejected Silvia saying why should he marry a Ghanian lady when there are Nigerians. He told me that he loves Silvia but I advised him to follow his family.

As luck would have its way, he met Ada who is a black Ibo girl but still, his family rejected her asking why he dosen’t want to marry a yoruba girl. “Kola, marry a yoruba girl You know that we all want the best for you! Kola!!! Marry a Yoruba girl” his uncle said.

Then he saw Tosin, a beautiful and educated girl who is from Ijebu. “Sinmi” Kola said “I love this girl die. Na she I go marry. Thanks to my family members who wanted me to marry a Yoruba girl”. I thanked God for him because it means that the wife saga is over. when he took Tosin to her family members, they took him aside and his uncle Bola being the most vocal opened his mouth “Kola, why are you like this? Don’s you know that Ekiti’s and ijebu’s don’t blend! kilo n se e na. You cant marry her ooo.” He continued “In fact, we have seen a girl who is from Ekiti here for you. She is still in Poly but that is the girl we want you to marry”.

Kola tried to protest but I just told him to calm down and let’s see the girl again before he makes his decision.

When he saw Arike, he said “Surely this girl is the real deal”. He told his uncle that he liked the girl…

“Kola” his uncle started… “erm… you can’t marry her o. We just discovered that your grandfather and her grandfather fought over a piece of land which her grandfather won in court. So Kola you can’t…”

His uncle has not even completed his sentence when Kola said “Sinmi, let’s go back to the States today.” “Kola, no problem” was my reply.

Within seconds, Kola brought out his phone making a call to Rose that he was sorry…

11 thoughts on “My Ekiti Friend” by Sinmiloluwa Makinde (@sinmimakinde)

  1. This was funny.

  2. @sinmimakinde…’Twas getting hilarious until the conclusion… Guess his calling Rose should have been replaced with another stuff to make it more hilarious!
    Either ways, I like it!

    @Borry, “this was funny??”

  3. Straight read. Didn’t find it funny like I expected.

    Pls note, you start a new paragraph for a new speaker. The dialogue in the 2nd to the last paragraph defiled the rule.

    Thumbs up on writing this. Keep improving, keep writing.


  4. He should have stood his ground from get-go.

  5. Funny story…
    Kola’s phone call to Rose was a good way to end it.

    Welldone…keep it up!

  6. A man that doesn’t know what he wants.
    A man that claims to love everyone.
    Well done.

  7. I found the telling boring and bland, but the wishy washy nature of the parents and the guy is crazy and a wee bit funny to read. Glad he came to his senses.
    Well done, Sinmi.

  8. Smart Kola. I hope Rose’s love for him is still the same ‎​O°˚˚˚°
    ! If not?…

    Nice story!

  9. This is hilarious. But this Kola guy has issues o. I thought he wasn’t speaking with his family members(as per the first paragraph). How come they suddenly became his life guide?

  10. This is hilarious. But this Kola guy has issues o. I thought he wasn’t speaking with his family members(as per the first paragraph). How come they suddenly became his life guides?

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