Love, Forgiven

Love, Forgiven

I have always had a craving for you,

Not unlike that of my lungs for air

And it fermented within me, that craving

Till i got wholly drunk in it –

Drunk on you!

You should know something about drunk people,

How as the alcohol flows the tongue unrolls,

But this intoxication stifled my tongue

How could that be when I had so much to say to you,

The alcohol must have worked on my voice,

Drying out its stream from the outside in


It might have been that the expensive watch I wore

To impress you

Made me think I had time on my hands

And the youthful jaunt of your face

Fooled me to believe we’ll be young forever.

So, forgive me

I swallowed my voice,

Fed my fears and played the Ostrich.

Though that might be better than being the Vulture,

circling in greed, waiting to plunder –

Stripping off the gem your heart must be.


But Love is not all about the feeling, the moment counts too,

Like the shredded love I gave you,

Soaked in the grime of our fragility

Too careful to be had, too precious to loose

I gave you, it…Outright!

Long before we named it Misbegotten

Shrouded it in the garments of invisibility

Locked it in a box made of the hardwood called Forbidden

Tied it to the dead weights of our joined fears

Dug a whole, yay big, in quicksand, swung it in

And sang a silent dirge for what was never is.

Still, it had a beguiling duskiness

Called me back to it, like a repenting Jonah

I crawled by and dug it out, waiting for a decadent passion to show

But this was resurrection, a ten year defiant, beating fresh.

You should know I could not let it go again,

So I forgave you a love, and brought it to you to forgive it too

Our bastard spawn, stagnated

That we had let our lives go by, and found safe loves

So i brought you that soiled, ancient love

And asked you, just to forgive it, for being.

6 thoughts on “Love, Forgiven” by O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

  1. Nice poem. Nice lines…

    1. @praize, thanks for considering it nice

  2. Good job O-Money.

  3. @omoniyi-adeshola…Nice. Loved the best part especially. Well done

  4. Apart from @six‘s , Cracks In The Sidewalk I n II, I haven’t read a really good poem like this in a while. Well done.

  5. Ah, my oga, I’m humbled. Thanks @Hymar , much respect.

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