Life Is A Dance

Ups and downs,some think

Highs and lows,the others may think

but twists and wriggles i say

And new turns everyday.


Melancholic melody of music

keep kith,kin and kindred civic

Pain,this Dance brings to many

But toy,it gives to despisers of tyranny


He who plays the piper dictates the tune

Like the musician determines his tone

The stellar music of the creator is harmonious

while the cumbersome music of any other is tedious


Too busy to listen are the proud

For the stillness of his voice is never loud

The meek capture the twists and the wriggles

Hence,they live peacefully troubling their troubles.

2 thoughts on “Life Is A Dance” by taiwoakinola (@TaiwoAkinola)

  1. Nice title…I like the rythym of the beginning, the message too,but the later parts could do with a little tidying up I think. Good work!

  2. It seems as if you wanted to express something about dancing and music in this poem, @taiwoakinola. Whatever it was, it was not clear to me.

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