I Was Not Here Tomorrow

I Was Not Here Tomorrow

This is the day
A day to be, or not to be
It was not a yes-ta-day
It is a to-day

I knew what happened in the days by
Even though the memories faded
Both the plesant and the foul
At the dusk I wrapped them up
Interred them with the dead of the night
Gone they were, forever and
Never again.

A new page;
opening with rampage
Long hours for count,
or wrapped up as one;
Just one day… twenty-and-four hours
Thats what they thought
More fleeting than I would have imagined

It is my day, just of mine
It is long, yet fleeting
I shall presume it spans four-scores and ten years;
A third I have already exhausted
I am at the preface of the second third
What I did with the gone third
I know so little of
Largely summarized; seeking self

Now that I am here; my second third
I know myself, and I shall lead me, only me shall
Since truly now, is when I truly can
And doing so rightly and tightly
Before the last third;
When even though we live
We are presumed to have left
While they openly wished we would leave

I do not want to be there
When I am least needed here
Not tomorrow of sorrow
Nor yesterday of tale
It is today that I live

Living with one purpose
Purposefully in self actualization
Minding not, at all
What the world would say
Anyway, the world would never mind
Because the world care less

After all has been said
Unsung it remains
The best ever composed symphony
The life of the ordinary citizen.

… so it is their tomorrow
It is their future
And I was not there
Never was present.

Dedicated to our many unsung heroes and heroines, who today look to us so fray and weak, haven spent their youth to nurse and serve us. They may be old today, but thier wisdom never age.
Celebrating the older citizens.

2 thoughts on “I Was Not Here Tomorrow” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Merry Christmas . . . to the #elderly, first
    and to the #young who shall soon become the . . .

    May we all receive the grace to grow grace – fully.

  2. precisely concise

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