Eye Eclipse

In geography class
you are told that
the celestial planets
hosts a bi-annual festival
where their dad (the sun)
and your mum (the moon)
dances to the winds ballet song
and causes wonder upon your eyes
But you weren’t told that
there was another eclipse
the one that occurred now
and everytime your eyes meets hers
when your hair sways to the winds orchestra
when the orbit of her eye
aligns with yours
when nerve endings stretch thin
when hormonal fluids
course through veins
hoping this eclipse would last eternity
when the light rays from her eyes
brightens your rose heart
and then…only then
shall you think
of the black tulip again.

4 thoughts on “Eye Eclipse” by Adeleye Adeyemo (@adeleyeadeyemo)

  1. @adeleye Now the public can behold the spectacle of this piece. Life is not fair though, Naijastories has refuse to post my scribbling. But why did you say “Their dad the sun and your mom the moon?” Are you speaking about different celestial families?

    1. @kingowen. In astrology, or geography, each planet is considered to have ITs own moon(s). Buh together, in one galaxy they share a sun. The sun is their dad because they all connect to it, buh the moon, our moon is ours, as inhabitants of the earth. Hence, the poems says the moon is our mom.

  2. beautiful! bravo! u can tell that this poetry flows from the writer with ease. comments for eye eclispe

    1. Yeah, ur right @millyporter. Eye eclipse was written on the day an eclipse was to occur here in Nigeria. I sudenly had the nodge to write about the way everything gets cool black when u see that person u love.

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