Still She Stays

Still She Stays

She looked different that morning, it didn’t take too long for me to know the reason; there was a dark, and apparently very painful, circle around her left eye. Until that very day the best I know of black eye I read in novels. That was the very first time I was seeing what it meant to have a black eye. People gathered in separate clusters and discussed in hushed tones what may have accounted for Tayo’s new look. I, being an inquisitive fellow, am never satisfied with gossips neither do I like to dwell on assumptions, so I simply walked up to her and asked what happened to her eye. The answer she supplied me was one of the most ridiculous I have ever heard: I was walking in my room; it was dark so I hit my face on the wall. Seriously?! But I knew better than to press her for a more plausible explanation so I let it slide.
I later discovered that was not the first time, she had worn that look repeated times in the past, that it was now almost like her second nature. The man in the house, her boyfriend, in his diabolic wisdom had considered her the most appropriate target for his boxing practice whenever his fist gets itchy. Rather than turning to a wall or finding a punching bag somewhere he uses her as a suitable replacement.
Despite how ridiculous as this may sound I bear no grudge against the man; not every human that walks the street in neat clothes is sane, my issue lies with her. For every slight she receives a slap, for every stray word she is repaid with a punch, yet she stays. He has conveniently used her to build his biceps yet she stays. The rationality of such action beats my imagination. After all he has done, and he is still doing, she still chooses to stay and I just can’t understand why.
A distant relative, for four good times she has had reasons to move out of her matrimonial home. Her husband on the fourth instance assisted in putting her things into a bag and throwing it out for her to pick. The story of what she has had to endure is one that would surely bring tears to your eyes and grieve your heart. Four to five weeks after she is out, the man always finds his way back to seek for her forgiveness. And she always forgives, every single time, only for her to move out or get kicked out some months after.
It doesn’t require a crystal ball gazer to know the man’s true intentions towards her; that whatever he feels for her is very much far away from love. He always finds his way back when there is nothing more in the house to eat, when there is no warmth in his bed and when the daughters of the night have taken all that he has and have given him little in return. He then crawls back to her, to help him put his life back in order. And once that is achieved she is deemed unworthy to reap its benefits and she is once again kicked out. The cycle then repeats itself. Despite all of this she still chooses to forgive, and stay; and I just can’t understand why.
He returns back home after leaving her for seventeen good years, he left without a cause, without a note and without saying goodbye, just one morning and he was gone. The only thing he remembered to do was to leave behind their three children for her to raise them all alone. Temi was six months, Leke, two years, and Lola was four years old when he left.
She wept for days and then weeks after he left, she was at a loss as to what to do with the children. Should she just poison them and then herself so they could all just leave this miserable world? When she was done weeping and imagining evil she bent down to work and determined to make something of her life and that of her children. She succeeded. Lola is now a doctor and Leke a banker. And now he is back, asking not just for forgiveness but to move back into her house. She not only forgave him those long difficult seventeen years but she accepted him back into her home, and her life; and I just could not understand why.

Isn’t there a threshold? Isn’t there a limit to what she is willing to accept or live with? Why has she become so scared of walking away? Still she stays and I just can’t understand why.

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  1. I also don’t know why?

    1. @Nalongo, difficult to decipher. Thanks for reading.

  2. It is quite difficult for a woman to let go of a man she loves. Smtyms,women love deeply.

    1. @Borry, I have observed that. It is just difficult for we guys to understand it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Some of those puzzles that leave your thoughts in a perpetual knot. I enjoyed this piece. Well done.

    1. @sueddie, not only your thoughts are left in knots you become sick even to your stomach. Thanks I appreciate.

  4. She’s a woman, she has a heart, she has love still, for him and she has children, from him.

    1. @psalmy, hmmm, Okay Psalmy, thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Omo! dis kine tin no fit happen to me at all.
    Love indeed.

    Nice story.
    Well done

    1. @bunmiril, Lol, okay o, let’s pray so. Thanks.

  6. this is not love on her is stupidity…i just hate women like this….stories like this too

    thanks for writting tho

    1. @schatzilein, thanks for dropping by.

  7. I still don’t know why they stay, but my guess is that it is a mixture of love, fear, desperation, insecurity etc. It is hard to walk, that much one knows from the stories.
    Well done, Segun.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, I waited patiently for your comment, and it was indeed worth the wait. You couldn’t have supplied a better answer to the puzzle. I believe it is actually a blend of all that you have mentioned; a little of this and a little of that. But understanding the reason hardly makes it any less weird. Would you walk away?
      Thanks, as always, for dropping by.

  8. I know someone like that too, her husband beats her a lot, ‘yet she stays’ but I think women like that have their reasons for staying. It’s easy to blame them when one’s not in their shoes.
    Well written.

    1. @Bibbie, True, we should try not to blame them since we are not in their shoes, but i think we can still talk to them, make them see reasons. I think many of them just have a fear of insecurity, of being alone; ‘if he goes how can i manage’ or ‘if he goes will i find another’. They just need to be told some of those fears are not real, and even if it happens, it is a better life than the one they are currently enduring.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. They should know that πo one is really indispensable. I always tell myself that since I could get along well before I met him/her as the case may be, I can still get along well after.

        Simple mathematics (that I hate and don’t like Maths is not this one Oº˚˚°!)

  9. Nice read, although I didn’t find much coherence in the tale: like you telling me that people where talking in bed room voices, about something they know too well about, something that has become her ‘second nature’ (and something that is second nature must be an artificial, right?). If it has happened too often than none, the people should be about their business without even turning their necks.

    Again, I noticed that you did not use quote and unquote marks to show she was actually replying your question. It’s always necessary since it’s used to imply ensuing dialogue.

    Yet, you gave †ђξ ages of her children initially as; ‘Leke, two years, and Lola was four years old
    when he left’ and later you said; ‘Lola is
    now a doctor and Leke a banker’ after just seventeen years? †ђξ last time I checked doctors spend at least 7 years before they could be conferred doctorship. Did Lola got admitted into †ђξ university at 12 or 13yrs?

    There were too much telling too, although this is not a fiction or a make-believe, and as such, I’m not going to believe it.

    Keep writing though.

  10. Tenses off here n there.

    Well written, me thinks, those women are the types who see themselves as moral failures without a man. They feel they need a man to complete the image of society women.

    Women sef….such fools.

  11. @Segun, some women stay in this relationships like this for different reasons like their children, Love and uncertainty since the devil they know is better than the angel unknown. But I think if it is affecting their mental wellbeing or life is in danger , then they need to take a break.
    @ Hymar ,I beg to differ, some men are the fools they lose good woman by not fulfilling their original duty of protecting women and loving them, they refuse to think clearly before taking decisions.

  12. @Blackgold, i can’t agree with you more, women are creatures of emotion, and future uncertainty scares them but there should always be a point that they would throw all that to the wind and take that difficult decision. That was the reason i included that last paragraph. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. If you dig into similar homes, the reasons for such incessant unreasonable forgivness varies. However you may find out that some of the reasons are not unreasonable! In this case, you really can’t blame the woman, if God has given her the spirit (or grace) to continually endure the man, then it is a perfect relationship. It doesn’t have to appear so to you. If she is REALLY feeling bad about the situation? she’d leave, and you won’t be the one to tell her to.

  14. @segunEGBEYINKA Very brilliant observation! You had me going lightly over the story again.

  15. @Chime221 @segunEGBEYINKA Very brilliant observation! You had me going lightly over the story again.

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