Professional Parent


This is an open book,
Internet enabled,
Hindsight empowered resit exam.

My parents are getting a second chance at
Parenthood Perfection,
Through my virgin hands.

I have been the guinea pig,
The critic, activist and judge
Now it’s my turn to mould a life into a legend, a human or a turd.

I am armed with memories, theories, edits,
The bitter aftertaste of experience,
Yet, I am ill equipped for the latest hazards and evils.

I have aeons of experience, wisdom and wit.
In all our family’s generations
No parent has been as knowledgeable yet.

I have read millions of studies
Teaching me Child Care Approaches and Methodology
Yet I am not sure what your favourite colours or biggest fears are.

I am a peak performance parent,
I know the tropes,
So why does my heart hurt watching your birthday clip en route to Rome?

With all the resources, advances, technologies and methods
Why does my mind spin when you ask me simple questions?
Why does my voice quiver when I say your name?




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15 thoughts on “Professional Parent” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. With ones own child, there is no hard and fast rule…parenting guides and child care manuals out the window…bringing up a child is emotional and somewhat ‘irrational’…

    1. Indeed, and most of what one thinks they know, is just theory.

      1. I can only retweet @ibagere

        well done Sunshine

  2. No Textbook can predict kids. They are aliens. Well done sunshine and congrats on making the Etisalat top 20. All that gra gra finally paid off, yo?

    1. Yeah, and what they need most is time, something that is in such short supply today. Gra-gra? lol, that was just 10% of our literature promotion abilities. Give me 2 million and 2 months , then sit back and watch what we can do. Hope you saw the video though. … @Hymar

  3. Parenthood… you have addressed a really sensitive issue here. But one thing you have said for sure, our parents did what they did, when it comes to our turn we should do our best, differently, offer our children the very best.

    Congrats for your parentage milestone, now go get ’em.

    1. @elovepoetry !!! thanks for your kind words. I missed you… thank you.

  4. Can Parenting be perfectly learned? I don’t think so. It’s a learn as you go process jare, experimentation – taking lessons learnt from your parents, adding it to yours and internet advice off course. Lol. Most importantly, love and grace would lead you.
    You’ll do good, Nsisong.
    Congrats on your literary win.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. Very true @sibbylwhyte , It is interesting though, when we make the same mistakes, we so painfully know dont work…
      Thank you, we havent won yet… Hope A Show Fit For A King got a Facebook like from you?… : )

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