Our Angels 26

The men had balaclavas covering their faces. One of them was standing over Gbenga, whose limbs were bunched together in the corner of the sofa. The seriousness of their situation dawned on Desola when she noticed the black duct tape covering Gbenga’s mouth.

She saw the machete of the man standing by the door before she saw him. He glanced in their direction. Her feet took her back onto the landing with the help of hands she knew belonged to her sister. They ran upstairs, screaming all the way to the bedroom because they could hear the thudding of footsteps behind them.

Inside the bedroom, they gathered their bodies behind the brittle door to keep it closed. They pushed the door as they felt it being pushed in from the outside. Desola could tell their strength was failing them. Fausa was screaming, “Oluwa.” Florence, their housemaid,was shouting,“Chineke.”

But it was the sound of the men pushing their way into the room she heard above the screeching. The men dragged them downstairs where the man with the machete was waiting by the door.

“Please don’t hurt us,” Desola begged, as the men pushed them onto the floor and told them to stay there.

“It is your uncle I want. If you get in my way, I will ask my boys to deal with you the way your uncle deals with innocent girls,” the man standing by the door told them in fluent Yoruba.

Desola couldn’t see his face because of the balaclava, but she knew she had heard his voice before. It sounded though as if the man was trying to disguise his voice. One of the men had started to tie Gbenga’s hands behind his back. Desola could hear her uncle sniffling.

The man tying him up sneered, “Look at this man, he is crying like a girl.”

Desola heard the distinct Egba accent in the man’s speech, just like she had heard it in the voice of the man by the door. The one she assumed had to be their leader. Fear started to rip her apart. She realised that the men in their lounge were perhaps people that knew them well. Men who were aware that the rest of their family were away. She hoped Baba Risi could hear their screams.

He would get help and save them.

Desola saw her uncle drop to the floor. He started to do what seemed like a crawl. Without hands to support himself, he didn’t seem to be moving anywhere. The men started to laugh.The men’s leader wasn’t laughing. He walked towards Gbenga and brought his machete down on him.


Fausat let out a scream as blood splashed everywhere, spraying the floor and their nightwear.Their housemaid, Florence, was mumbling incoherently when Desola managed to open her eyes. Her eyes had closed shut as if to protect themselves against the gory sight which now lay infront of her.

Gbenga’s eyes were open, staring into nothingness as if they had stopped working. His t-shirt had turned from off-white to pinkish-red. The large cut on his right shoulder was gushing red like a wine tap. She couldn’t see the cut on his left side properly. But she could tell it was bad.

One of the men kicked Gbenga’s face with his capped boots. She could hear him now.

Grunting. But barely audible.

The leader of the group whispered something to the shortest man of the group. The latter left them and walked upstairs.

“You will regret the day you decided to touch girls.” The leader of the men placed his foot in between Gbenga’s spread-out legs.

Desola saw Gbenga’s eyes roll in their sockets as the man put all his weight on that foot. Fausat started to scream.

“Shut her up,” the leader shouted at one of his men standing close to the ladies.

The man moved towards Fausat. Desola’s heart ceased beating when she saw the pocket knife in the man’s hand. She found herself doing the craziest thing ever. Jumping up to save her sister. She knew it was a crazy thing to do when she felt the man strike her. She screamed out as she fell, hitting her head on the edge of the table. The pain was ravaging, making her wonder if he had stabbed her before she went down. She could hear Fausat and the housemaid crying quietly. She wanted to tell them not to cry but the pain splitting her head into fragments wouldn’t let her.

She wondered why Baba Risi, their gateman hadn’t come to their rescue or called the police.

When the man that had gone upstairs came down, he had a plastic bag – Desola guessed contained their mothers’ jewellery. She had started to feel drowsy when the leader returned his attention to Gbenga. She knew she had to stay awake. But she felt woozy. Her uncle had stopped grunting but this didn’t deter the man from lacerating his legs.

“You will rot in hell for defiling my daughter.” The leader shouted as he brought his machete down on Gbenga one last time. Desola realised why Baba Risi hadn’t come to their rescue. He was too busy hacking down her uncle…

41 thoughts on “Our Angels 26” by olajumoke omisore (@olajumoke)

  1. jesu christi.damn i wouldnt wanna be in that house right now..good for gbenga.he can rot in hell..inshort make dem cut him dingy commot self..azzhole..

    1. What if they re-attache his dingy at the hospital, lol.
      @schatzilein, thank you for reading as usual.

  2. *mouth wide open* Baba Risi!!!

    @jummy, this is shocking.
    Gbenga would be dancing skelewu in hell by now.
    But this episode is SHORT!!!
    I want another episode now

    1. @aadetoyin, this is short? It wasn’t intentional, I promise.
      The next one should be published soon. Hopefully.
      Thanks dear

  3. Niiiiccceee. Gbenga needed some good hacking.

    Thumbs girl.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, lol. He needed some good hacking.
      Thanks for reading Mimi.

  4. I worry more about the ladies. Desola may not be the only one among them who knows the “butcher’s” identity……..someone may just scream his name. Trouble.

    1. @namdi, I like the butcher alias you’ve given Baba Risi.
      I think the cap fits him just fine.
      Thanks for your time Namdi.

  5. Judgement for Uncle Gbenga

    1. Lol, no one seems to feel sorry for him.
      Thank you @xclntmoda for reading and commenting.

  6. I quite enjoyed this, particularly the twist in the tail right at the end. Written in the classic short story mode. Well done!

    1. Good to have you on NS.
      I’m so glad you liked the twist.
      Thanks @augustus2011

  7. Gbenga down! Who woulda thought??? Nice
    Hope the gals won’t scream out Baba Risi’s name:( :(

    1. Hehehe, I hope they don’t.
      That sort of knowledge should be kept in their bellies.
      Thanks @PoshDr.

  8. Chooiiiiiiii I catch cold!

  9. @smiliee, thanks for reading. Hope you feel warm soon dear.

  10. @olajumoke, keep the good work. Freedom for the girls, no more fear.

    1. @Miskay, many thanks for reading.

  11. Jumoke d twister!!! Uncle gbenga shud not die like dat Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo, let him suffer real pains. Nice 1.

    1. @vicky, I am pleased you are still following the series. Thank you.

  12. Fantastiche!!!! Did I enjoy this despite its brevity. Well done Olajumoke. You wrote it well too. nothing out of place.

  13. @LEROY, thanks dear. The next one is longer.

  14. Oh poor man…whatchu gon do now? I tried to feel sorry for Gbenga. FAILED. Butcher Risi abeg cut im head join. Nonsense!
    Jumoke, better tell those girls to keep mum else Baba will use them and do Suya. Funny thing is Desola would be quick to call him a murderer not a saviour. He he.
    Very good job, Jumoke. Well done. $ß.

  15. @sibbylwhyte, perhaps if Baba Risi, the butcher had scheduled the butchering session for when the girls were not there, maybe they would be thanking him right now. Lol. I hope they keep quiet too.Thank you for the positive feedback.

  16. I wish all those evil people that prey on little boys and girls will share Gbenga’s fate. Well done

    1. So do I @faithomo. And yeah, boys are just as affected as girls these days.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  17. As always… intriguing

  18. finally, someone gave that idiot what he deserves. WELL DONE.

    1. About time too. Many thanks @paishat for reading and commenting.

  19. Mehn thhis is superb. For a moment, I thot it was Richard……wild thinking abi?

    1. @menoveg, good thinking. Richard has more reasons to want Gbenga dead. More than anyone else.
      And he would do anything for Desola.
      But he is no ‘butcher’.

  20. OK, @olajumoke, that was shocking. At first, I thought that the men were Gbenga’s accomplices. Little did I know…

    I didn’t understand what happened here:

    The man moved towards Fausat. Desola’s heart ceased beating when she saw the pocket knife in the man’s hand. She found herself doing the craziest thing ever. Jumping up to save her sister. She knew it was a crazy thing to do when she felt the man strike her.

    Why would Baba Risi want to harm any of the girls when his beef was with Gbenga?

    1. No,Baba Risi wouldn’t hurt the girls. However Desola didn’t know it was him at that stage.
      He asked the man to shut Fausa up. He could have meant that the man should scare her or tie her up.
      I think it would have slowed down the pace if I had extended that part. Or perhaps there are ways to make things clearer without ruining the flow?
      I will look into it. Many thanks @TolaO.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, @olajumoke.

        Maybe Baba Risi should have said something more specific, like “Cover her mouth”. “Shut her up” can actually mean “kill her”, which would be a good reason for Desola to jump in front of her.

        But if you made Baba Risi say “cover her mouth”, then Desola might not be so alarmed, and that would ruin your story.

        Maybe the best thing is to have this explained to Desola by Baba Risi himself in a later scene.

        1. Thanks for you suggestion @TolaO. I’m grateful for your feedback.
          Thank you.

  21. Ok. Moral dilemma presented here. While gbenga is a pedophile and deserves punishment, does that justify murder? We are quick to judge and yet so eager to demand second chances. Are we saying that Gbenga is beyond redemption?

    Is the taking of human life by baba risi to avenge his daughters violation justifiable. Is he now some hero? Is he better than Gbenga. Is not murder comparable to pedophilia? Gbenga kills the soul of his victims, baba risi killed the body, they are one nd the same.

    Yet, we see the normal human reaction to justice. How many of us expect forgiveness but are loathe to give it? How many of us want the law to prevail when we are at the other end but so quick to dispense with rule of law…

    Pedophilia is actually a mental illness…Gbenga deserves a right to treatment…he was denied..

    I love your story ma’am, it brings out the nature of humans and the moral dilemmas that we are faced with every day…

    Nice work.

    Well done

  22. Nice one Jummy!

    I never would have thought Baba Risi capable of such extreme measure but then which father would be able to live with what Gbenga did to that innocent child and the nonchalant way it was handled?

  23. Just seen these comments @innoalifa. Many thanks for reading.

    1. You are always welcome :)

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