Land of Cowards

Land of Cowards

You are a coward. Yes, You reading this piece.
You sit down there and tell me it will be better.
You lie to my face and tell me ‘ajo o le dabi ile’ (no place like home). Cool Story
You hide behind the scripture which says ‘with God all things are possible’ over the situation of this country.
Have you also forgotten the scripture which says ‘Faith without work is dead’. When would you stand up and take action. Just admit it, you are a coward.
You tell me ‘don’t worry we would get there’; you tell me we would be a power house on the global scale. If I am an athlete and I want to outrun Usain Bolt, when do I need to start Practicing? NOW of course because am far behind (‘far behind’ is an understatement to outrun bolt).
You refuse to talk about the elephant in the room (the corruption, the bombings and kidnappings) and stick to more ‘happy’ things like movies, music and sports. Just say the truth you are a coward.
You blab around that Naija is the best. That sounds like a bad joke; a fallacy, the highest form of oxymoron.
Your nephew has been at home for 8 years (no job) and you say naija is the best country. You can’t look him in the eyes again, why? because you are coward to tell him that he should try and make a way for himself and admit that this country is a mad jungle where if you don’t fight you die .
Even myself writing this piece, I am also a coward. I prefer not to mention the parasites in power killing and sabotaging this country.
I think the national flag should be changed to red black red because that’s the color for war, darkness and blood. Ours is green whit green. The white stands for peace. Look around is there peace? Well, every country has her own issues. Please just admit it, you are a coward who doesn’t want to face the problem head on but prefers to paint it as a blessing in disguise. Stop these lies, am begging you. A problem is a problem that needs a solution and not for you to sugar coat it.

Push me to the wall and I will break it and make a pathway, that’s not initiative that’s being a coward (Let’s call a spade a spade). Yet instead of taking action you talk about change and return to your normal life( Me and my family) as if the world evolves round only you. You disgust me; You are a Coward nothing but a coward.
Because of this nature we no longer have innovators but entertainers who want to play sounds to please your ears to satisfy your selfish needs and greed.
The bible talked about the last days; about people with itching ears and men pleasers. I think the holy book should just have written Nigeria. People loot in power and you hear sycophants trying to justify their acts. Planes fall from the sky and people say ‘it’s the act of God’; WHAT COWARDS!

No matter what I write, it won’t change the fact that this is a land of Cowards that are to feeble to fight.
I am also a coward, I can be bold here because am relatively safe from harassment from the pundits in power as long as I don’t mention names (and being a coward I won’t).
To be frank, this nature disgust me as a person. E go better E go better. Please keep your lies to yourselves. The old folktales are now a myth to me.

Please show me a bold individual that I can move with to ‘take off’ this spirit that nauseates my being.
Am an 86 year old man on my dying bed. Before I leave this world tell me ‘when I would see the promise land and please don’t be scared to say the truth.’

10 thoughts on “Land of Cowards” by korex (@motaomu)

  1. Wow! this is funny. I like it.
    Well done coward.

  2. I don’t think this is funny, its an unfortunate situation we’ve found ourselves in.

    I feel the word coward is a lil too harsh-yo u don’t want to put off your readers, pls watch out for typos and punctuation.
    Good effort.

  3. Thank you guys for the comments. Just wanted to pass a strong message regarding the state of the nation but I felt the harsh words would get the message across better. Sorry about the typos would get better. Thanks again.

  4. It says the guy is 86 year old and ill. Old men are allowed their eccentricities, and he can say what he damn well pleases.
    The sad truth is most of us are spineless cowards who can’t do a thing to offset the crazy balance of affairs in the country. We keep waiting for a saviour, when we can all be saviours. Sigh. *whispers* E go better. Hehe.
    Thanks for letting the old man vent his spleen, korex. Well done.

  5. It is good to vent but the change starts with you and I.

  6. I wish the politrickians hears!

  7. Thank you very much @chime221 @Nalongo @sibbylwhyte. Really appreciated. Sorry for the typos.

  8. @Korex, you are very correct. We all want change but none is willing to pay the price. itching ears and men pleasing very present in our society not only in Nigeria. Just like Bunmiril said well done coward.

  9. @Korex, it sounds harsh but truth be told.

  10. Thanks for the comment my fellow coward

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