I Will Be To You

I will be to you…

As the sweet taste of rain

That lingers exquisitely on taste-buds

After the harsh rebuke of a dusty sun


I will be to you…

The enchantment of cologne,

Purified from the alluring spices of our secrets

Whispers crackling sweetly like live cinders


I will be to you…

As the fragrance of dawn,

Wet with the thawing ice of darkness

Wakeful with sounds of meditative silence


I will be to you…

As the music of a lonely bird at sunset

Its loyal companion and ease

That friend indeed

12 thoughts on “I Will Be To You” by Daniel Okoli C (@wendeekay)

  1. Nice poem….

    You will be to me what i ask right???

    1. lol, try me… tx bro

  2. Lovely piece, just that I don’t knw who u wana be wit, lol.

    1. You’ve got me cracking up although I don’t get you yet… thanks for the read

  3. Lovely love poem.
    Written to…

    1. Lol, 3 ‘wow’s in a row… I take in good faith, danke!

  4. @wendeekay,




    Well done.

    1. Thankeee! I see you’ve toed the path of @hymar, lol… Gracias muchos

  5. I read this, smiling.
    Thank you for crafting such a lovely poem.

  6. Awwww! My very personal favorite!

  7. @WENDEEKAY. Your words just put a smile on my face. Beautiful.

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