I found a song

I found a song

Trapped in the curls of your hair

So I equipped my quill from the inky-black flurry of you

And painted notes of passion

On the canvas of the frisky air

Let me feel your pulsing thunder

Under the jealousy of my lips

And you may eat of my fruits

Our honeymoon, if you may, pips and all

11 thoughts on “I found a song” by Daniel Okoli C (@wendeekay)

  1. Nice one. Poetry this is

  2. Yes, very nice. well done Dan.

    1. Thank you! Long time, Sunshine :D

  3. Short and sweet.


  4. Gosh!

    I love this! Its brevity…its beautiful collage of words….its romantic depth that offers so much honey within the flowing nectars of the honeymoon…

    See? The poem was so good I got poetic commenting!

    1. Lol! You gat me grinning like a ‘igit’ in public… Thankee!

  5. Good one…thumbs up.

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