He danced as the crowd cheered him on. He danced the way he’d danced himself into the heart of this fair maiden whom he’d slept with, whom he’d got pregnant, whom he was dancing to marry, for whom he danced in shame, their secret acts laid bare as the village elders took the bride prize and sighed, “That’s what the times spawn.”
He danced to the music of the times, urging time to speed up so he could stop dancing and take off his marriage dress – his costly masquerade regalia. As he danced (O he was such a beautiful dancer!) he thought to himself, “I know I love this fair maiden, but this wasn’t how I hoped I’d enter this sacred land called Wedlock.” He wondered what his in-laws thought of him, of her, and what his kinsmen thought of them.
Truly, it was becoming his family tradition for young men to marry their girlfriends under the pressure of the girls’ bloating bellies. He wondered on, and danced on, and everything else seemed distant and hollow. He danced to the rhythm of his thoughts; he thought of his love for his new bride; what any man would give up his pride for must be important to him. She was important to him, and she knew it. He looked at her, and she smiled that shy and gentle smile of hers that makes the Mona Lisa want to be repainted in a grin. She smiled because the world now saw a fraction of what she knew he could do well. And she thought, “If God could dance, He would dance like my Dearie.” And she smiled, and the village cheered, and he danced, and they both knew that it would be alright; their love would make all things alright.

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  1. Hmmmm, short and sharp. It’s a good one, well done Harsh.

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      It’s a bullet.
      Is it a good bullet, then?
      Thanks for your time.

  2. Next time use protection …..yeye

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      No be only protection,
      na fence im go use.
      Abegi, waka!
      Yeye fawu.

  3. Keep on dancing.

  4. lol…

    The dance of love. Cute short story…though I wish there was something else to it as the story wound to a close. Don’t mind me…I like surprises.

    This was just another story full of the warmth of love and exposition as to how a certain culture goes about hooking up maidens for marriage.


    1. #
      Thanks, ‘Nuts.
      But if you like surprises as much as you profess, why don’t you just close your eyes and walk into a busy street,
      and see what you bump it.
      You’d be in for a surprise.
      Pleasant? Maybe.
      Thanks again.

  5. Hmmmn. Wow. I like this. Your Well structured sentences build the rythm, making me perceive the drumbeat and feel like dancing along. Good subject too, kudos!

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      Thanks for liking.
      Thanks and thanks.

  6. Nice short story or would i say a flash fiction
    got a prob with this though: “If God could dance, He would dance like my Dearie”…… i think its blasphemy
    That figures of speech is really what your xtian audience won’t really like becos the comparison you made between God and man was odd. it fink its better like: she thought, “if the angels could dance, he would dance like my dearie”

    1. #
      God the Father never leaves the throne;
      That’s why there is a God the Holy Spirit.
      No one can really claim to dance sitting down.
      I write well not because I have read ‘The Elements of Style’ and ‘Writing the Natural way;’ I write well because it’s a gift from God. And I shall never use this gift or any other of the numerous that I possess to blaspheme the Holy Name of my heavenly Father, with Whom I spoke this morning, and with Whom I am ‘cool.’
      Let the members of this ‘xtian’ audience turn their noses, but let the Christian audience rejoice!

  7. …I was expecting a greater ending as usual… m nt so disappointed anyways
    lemme go and dance too..

    1. #
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Real-life story, work still in progress,
      and the end is nowhere near.
      Keep dancing.

  8. Wow!
    Short and simple.

    @HemingBird, keep it going.

    Hush Hush Newbie

  9. Straight to the point beautiful. Next time ooo you know what to do.

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