Christmas Is Coming

Christmas Is Coming


There comes a time in November when it’s only less

Than a hundred thousand seconds to Christmas.

What brings Christmas to our doorstep every year?

What drops Christmas like a gift box laced with red ribbons?


There’re scents perching on the wings of winds

And flying past our homes every dawn;

The scents stem from Santa Claus while he’s a mile away.


Santa Claus strains his ears for carols.

If we don’t sing, he’d go back with his gifts, they say.

And so we sing “O Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant.”


We know he’s nearer when his scents caress our noses at twilight.

 Sometimes we suspect the hibiscus and allamanda, but they deny.

 “The scent is Santa’s!” we sing in euphoria.

One more song from us and Santa’s gifts will grace us all.

And so we sing “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

All will be bright when Santa arrives. Our gift is Christmas.


25th is the day we find Santa’s gifts:

Colorful fireworks

Noisy neighbors pounding in mortars

Smokes from cows, goats and chickens

Masquerades dancing and chasing our dames…

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