Betrayals and Funerals- 32

When I walked into the courtroom on the first day of my trial, I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. It suddenly dawned on me what I was about to do. I was entering a fight for my freedom and it scared me to death. My life depended on the trial.

I looked around as I walked down the aisle to the front of the court. Then I saw my mother, she sat rigid at the back. Even from where I stood I could sense the disappointment in her.

Never in a million years had she pictured her son on trial for murder. I couldn’t blame her.

Down the line I saw Pastor B seated also, his head held high, his gaze fixed steadily on me. Our eyes met and I could read the volumes they spoke. He was solidly behind me.

The court bailiffs led me to the front row where Del and Kemi were seating. I sat between them.

Away from the sight of others, Kemi squeezed my hand in a comforting gesture. I was grateful for the contact.

The assistant district attorney, Jeremy Billiard, drummed his fingers on the prosecutor’s table, his head shaved bald. He had an intimidating look with his broad shoulders hunched over the files spread before him. I was suddenly apprehensive.

What had I gotten myself into?

“All rise for the Honourable Preston J. Saunders, presiding.” Called the deputy.

As I stood, I thought I felt a familiar tug at my bowels. I was in for a long ride.


He caressed the statue. There was something awfully arousing about a Virgin Mary statue used in killing someone. He could still smell the blood, though it had been weeks since it happened.

He hadn’t bothered to wash off the blood, it was all part of the souvenir. It had clotted in several places…leaving a reminder of the sinful deed it had committed.

Ah…his thoughts drifted to her. The woman. His fantasy. He’d watched her every night, while she undressed in her bedroom with the window blinds parted ever so little to tease any passer-by of what really went on behind those curtains.

He’d watched closely; diligently.

And it had paid off. Everything about her was sensual, erotic.

Even in death, she’d looked so angelic, an irony when you think of it…considering she never was an angel while alive.

Life truly sucks.

Had she known she was going to die that day? Had she prepared herself?

He wondered about the man that had been accused.

If only they knew…

Nice men never kiss and tell. He chuckled to himself, inhaling the smell of crusted blood.


“Did you know the victim?” Billiard asked.

“She was my neighbour.” The woman on the stand was red-haired and looked like she’d just come from the spa.

“Tell the court what you heard on the night of December the 7th.”

“I was awake in bed. Watching the Jerry Springer show. I love that show. I don’t know what time it was but I heard voices coming from her house. She always kept to herself, y’know. Beauty queen an’ all that.”

“So you heard shouting?”

“Arguments kinda.”

“How long did it last?”

She shrugged, tossing her mane back in a sophisticated gesture. “I can’t tell. Half an hour tops.”

“Can you tell us the time?”

“Er…Jerry Springer stats at nine. I figure it was by ten or so.”

“Did you see anyone leave the victim’s house that night?”


“Is that person present in the courtroom today?”

The neighbour blinked and shifted her gaze to finally rest on me. “I think I saw him.”

Billiard gave a half smile. “No further questions.”

Del had assigned Kemi to cross-examine this witness.

My eyes followed my wife as she stood and walked to the dock.

“So Ms Malone, you have great eyesight, I see. Quite impressive for someone who was diagnosed with myopia six years ago.”

I saw the witness fidget as Kemi spoke.

“You are short sighted, aren’t you Ms Malone?” My wife asked.

“Yes.” Her voice was low.

“Can you tell me what exactly you saw that night?”

“I saw someone leave the house. A man, I think.”

“You think?” Kemi took a sideways glance at the jury. “You said only minutes ago, that you were certain you saw the defendant leave, I’m sorry ma’am…which do we believe?”

Ms Malone was silent, her gaze focused on the floor.

“Objection.” Billiard stood to come to her aid. “The witness answered before, saying she thinks it was the defendant she saw.”

“Then why is she in this courtroom? She has no real testimony.” Kemi shot back.

“Ms Pepple has a point Mr Billiard. The witness is to report what she saw.”

Billiard realised he was beaten and sat down.

“Now let’s talk about the ‘argument’ you overheard.” Kemi paced slowly. “Did you at any time hear the defendant’s voice?”

“I heard argument. I’ve seen her with him before, figured he was her boyfriend or something.”

“That doesn’t answer my question ma’am. Did you specifically hear the defendant’s voice?”

“No.” A downward gaze.

“In fact, have you ever heard the defendant speak before?”


“So the victim could have been arguing with someone else, right?”

I could see the lady on the stand was almost demoralised. I was stunned at my wife’s feistiness. I was seeing a whole new and wonderful side of her.

“Yes, it’s possible.”

“No further questions.” She returned to the seat.

I was immensely proud of her and I squeezed her hand again when she returned to her seat. Maybe there was hope, after all.



I was still sweating profusely thirty minutes after I’d cross-examined Ms Malone. It was my first time in court after a long break…I hadn’t been expecting Del to let me do any cross-examination so early in the case.

Still I felt good. I knew I still had it in me. Perhaps, with my help…my husband would be proved innocent.

I let my hand go to my stomach inconspicuously; I could feel the life growing inside me. Even if for nothing else; for the sake of this child…my husband would win this case.

The judge called for a recess and I was only too glad to go. I moved away, trying to find the restroom.

And then I saw her coming towards me.

My mother-in-law…

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  25. Hmm…Nice episode.
    One flaw.
    And if I was the prosecuting counsel, I would save it for last…and seal the deal.
    There can be no objectiveness to the defense counsel as there is bias and conflict of interest: the accused wife being part of the defense team. If she had been made a silent assistant or a paralegal, it might fly, but as she is active and involved in cross examination, no way!

    Well done our own queen of suspense..

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