Somewhere Down The Road

Somewhere Down The Road

I was halfway on the road to nowhere
Sliding down, tumbling over curbs
It felt so good; it felt so bad
I felt the rush; I felt the shame
Something changed, I got saved
Somewhere down the road, I turned away
Back to ground zero I’m building again
With foundations not of this world
Walking the narrow route
Dodging my thorny past
This is bliss, this is peace
This is joy, money never bought
One man paid the price
One man bore it all

10 thoughts on “Somewhere Down The Road” by Onoto (@Onoto)

  1. nice try..but it still begs for some literary bites

  2. Is it finished? What happened to a period at the end of complete sentence?

    You’ve written well, but I still think you can do more by spicing it up with literary ingredients.
    Also the punctuation, you have to really look into it. As used here, it’s nothing to write home about.

    Well done

    1. thanks for the observation.

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Amazing Grace .. Nice poem @Onoto

    1. thanks for reading.

  4. @onoto great piece doc. You’re a medic too??? Hmmm, what’s with Medics and writing? Later they say it’s tasking.

    Back to biz, this is good, more literary bites would do.

    1. @clemency are u a medic too? :-)
      thanks for reading and thanks for the criticism.

  5. This was an enjoyable and well written poem, @onoto. Thanks for writing.

    I especially liked these lines:

    “It felt so good; it felt so bad
    I felt the rush; I felt the shame”

  6. interesting

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