Radio Killer

Radio Killer

“Good evening. Sports review on air. What’s your name, please” Tom asked. His husky voice coming to me through the hands-free device.

“Please, I would like to get a link to Seun” I managed to say. My throat was dry. My head ached too. “Oh, my name is Marvin” I continued, but not without great difficulty.

“Seun’s show comes on air by 7.30pm. This is sports review”

“I……..” There was no need to continue. The line was dead. Tom was not one to waste time. Sports review was on air for 15 minutes only. I strained to look at the clock on the white bed-side cupboard. It was 7.18pm. I dialed the number again, hopeful that I would get through. Fortitude fm had a large listening audience. Getting through did not come easy. I was lucky. The phone rang after my fourth attempt.

“Hello. Sports review………” I didn’t let him finish.

“Its Marvin, again. Tom please, I need Seun’s number, her personal number” I was careful to place the stress on the word ‘please’. “Hello” I said, same time bringing my phone close to see if Tom had cut me off. The screen was bare, save for my screen saver, a photo of Seun.


Evanescence’s ‘Immortal’ was playing on the radio. A caller had requested for it. The song brought Seun’s show to an end for the day.

I buried my head on the pillow, pulling both ends to cover my ears. “Oh God” I whispered. I wanted to scream, but strength failed me. I almost leaped from my position when I heard the soft chime of my mobile phone. I had a new text message. My heart raced as I reached for the phone. I prayed it was Seun who had sent the message. Maybe she had noticed the text messages I had laboriously sent to the station’s short code messaging system and in her caring nature, was responding to them. I hissed when I realised it was a 4100 caller tune message from MTN. “Seun, please reach out to me again, your fan, your love” I moaned. I knew Seun loved me, though we had never seen or talked before. Still, she had professed her love for me, searching me out, even in the dark.

“To all my listeners out there, especially to you going through a hard time. I just want you to know that I love you. You will be fine”. Those were her words. Strange how after three weeks I still could remember every word. Even more strange, those words came few hours after I’d regained consciousness from a coma. In the last three weeks of lying down in Campdown hospital, this thought had given me strength. The thought that Seun loved me. Well, that was until yesterday.

“What did I do wrong”. I whispered. I felt a burning sensation close to my heart. It had nothing to do with the bandage that was strapped over my chest. My tears flowed fast. My head ached even more. “Why Seun. Why break-up with me, just after three weeks?”. “Was she mad that I had never called-in to the show, maybe to express my love too?”. Questions I had no answers to kept coming to mind. Why? Only after three weeks, the one I had come to love had called off our relationship. Yesterday, Seun had expressed her love for someone else, a caller to her show. It pained me that she had expressed her love to a woman. Maybe she had lost faith in men. I wished Tom had given me her number. I wished even more that my calls to her show this evening had gone through. I wished above all, for Seun’s love, her presence.

“You are here” I gasped

“Marvin dear” I heard it clear.

“You’re here” I reiterated.

“I’ve been here darling”. She said. She leaned forward, resting her lips on my forehead. I smelt her cologne. Only at that moment did I release it was not Seun.


“Yes dear”. Her voice sounded hoarse. It seemed she had been crying.


“Its the accident, Marvin” mother said, same time wiping her face. “Its the accident. It’s the cause of the hallucinations. Seun’s love is not real”. I shook my head when she mentioned the ‘hallucination’. It was typical of Mother to be too protective, I thought. Still, it made me remember Dr. Frederick’s words. He had warned that the injury I sustained on my head from the accident had affected my brain, and for a while, it might cause me to have hallucinations. He said it would pass with time.

I was still shaking my head, even after Mother had finished speaking. Seun’s love had been real. No one can tell me otherwise.

“Mother. Don’t cry” I begged. It seemed dumb to request such. I was sure she would continue crying. Maybe her tears would continue till she meets me again. There we would be together to part no more.

I had been lucky to have survived, Dr. Frederick had said. Something more than his drugs had kept me. I knew it was Seun. Now, she’s gone.

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  1. …hmmm…touching…got a lil. confused at the middle,started again and it was all clear…amazing things love can do..

    1. @Soogun…….

      Yeah. Love gives life.

      So happy you understood the piece.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. The power of love!

    1. @Nalongo……

      Love. Yeah.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. I was expecting a thriller! But this is so fine.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love is †ђξ answer, always.

    1. @Chime221…….

      I just wanted to make the title “catchy”.

      Thanks for the comment.

    1. @schatzilein


      Thanks for reading and commenting too.

  4. Wow! I like this. For a minute it made me remember Salim in ‘Whispering Trees’. I like the emotion it effuses.
    Well done @namdi!

    1. @adebayo caleb…..

      Thanks for the comment. I’m happy you liked it.

      I’ve not read “Whispering Trees”. I’ll search for it now.

  5. Really nice. I like.


  6. This one goes out to all the radio girls whose voices (fake accents and all) bring many a smile to man – half dead or alive.
    Nice one, Namdi. Well done.

    1. @sibbylwhyte……

      Lol…..I just wish they could read this.

      Thanks for your comment. Well appreciated.

    2. @sibbylwhyte no be small fake accents and all

      1. @osakwe…..

        Maybe na competition dem dey do…..nobody wan carry last.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. Hmm! love indeed. It’s good stuff. I liked it.

    1. @bunmiril……

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

  8. Weirdo…. Let’s blame it on the drugs. Nice writ.

    1. @Olan……

      Weirdo… Yeah, some drugs do have such side-effect.

      I’m so happy you liked it.

  9. Nice. Radio land and their callers are totally out of this world, especially their callers- that was what gave me the idea to pen “Radio rat”… Good piece. Kudos

    1. @ibagere…….

      Yeah. Radio land.

      I’m happy you liked it.

      I’ve not read “Radio Rat”. I’ll search for it.

  10. @ibagere…….

    Yeah. Radio land.

    I’m happy you liked it.

    I’ve not read “Radio Rat”. I’ll search for it.

  11. Nice piece bro, thoroughly enjoyed and understood it. It’s a psychosomethingsomething case(lemme not awe you with the medical term). Feel for the guy, but he’s having a good prognosis thanks to having his loved ones around (however false they are). Bottom line, you rocked this well as usual.

    You didn’t invite me to check this out, I was so lucky to stumble on it, imagine me not reading this. Oya check out my latest post, Dizzy Dazzle, just look down left, it’s next to this post.

    Happy weekend.

    1. @clemency……

      “Psycho-something-something”…..very funny.

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate the kind words.

      I’ll check your post “Dizzy Dazzle”, now!

      Happy weekend, bro

    1. @topazo……

      Thank you. Thank you.

  12. I enjoyed reading this,keep it up.

    1. @aniefiokitong…..

      Thanks. I’m happy you like it.

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