Our Guns Face The Earth – A Dirge for Kofi Awoonor

Our Guns Face The Earth

A dirge for Kofi Awoonor…

We return from the hunt

Without antelopes hanging

From our stalks

With no leopard skins

Flung across our chest

With our guns facing the earth

The sand loaded canoe

Has been tipped over by the hippo

How shall we tell it

Someone tell it for us

The hippo, hippopotamus

Fell our canoe loaded with sand

It’s heavy to the mouth

Even heavier for the heart

Who will tell it to our mothers

Our mouths fail us here

We return from the hunt

With our guns facing the earth

We, the children of Ashiagbor’s house

We return without one of us


Our guns face the earth

One last time they face the sky

To fire our last goodbye

Our throats parch for drink

A pens want for ink

Our veins lack in blood

One of us ascends to God



15 thoughts on “Our Guns Face The Earth – A Dirge for Kofi Awoonor” by igbor clemency (@clemency)

  1. May The Lord rest his soul. Though I don’t know who he is, the poem was nice @clemency. ‘A pens want for ink’, I like that line man.

    1. @six, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t know him at all before he died, but days after his death, I was going thru my little bro’s textbook when I saw a dirge he wrote. I based this poem on it. He was murdered in the Kenyan massacre, sad.

  2. I’m not saddened that he died, all men would die eventually, but †ђξ manner in which, and †ђξ pain he must have suffered before he died.
    Thanks for this great requiescat.

    However, I think you may have to look at, ‘A pens want for ink’ again.
    Perhaps you meant ‘a pen’s want for ink’.
    Well done.

    1. @chime221, we all know what death is, inevitable. But the way he died was too brutal. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice one for Kofi Awoonor!
    May his soul rest in peace.

  4. I really like this poem. Yhu did good on this.

    1. @hymar thank you as always… Your condolence??? Oh, you already wrote him a tribute.

  5. We return without one of us.
    When we gather in circles;
    We mourn
    When we gather
    With linked hands like chain
    Hoping to pulled back
    The one who has gone far in his dream of the concept of time.

    1. Hmmmm @blaise007 heartfelt…

      Thank you

    1. @elovepoetry thank you for stopping by…

    1. @clemency……

      I’ve not seen this piece, until now.

      I doubt I’ve read any of Kofi Awoonor’s works. I guess finding and also reading some of his works will be a fine tribute.

      Thanks for the mention, friend. Nice poem.

      1. @namdi thank you. I’ve really just read one of his works, after he died. You’re right, I’ll look for his works and read…

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