Who did you say gave you the impetus?
To trample on an holy alter,
And dominate with all objections overruled?
You have given Influence so much advantage,
And his twin you set on divide and rule.

What have you done to commom man?
Even to get live peace at the pulpit,
Is like a defence-line agreement with Mcmanaman.

You have segregated the poor,
From those you claimed have prospered.
You have demented his person,
While his character suffers.
You have appropriated his rights,
Simply because he hasn’t C.A.R.

What have you done to th commoner?
Please where are you?
What has happened to the Jerusalem church?
Someone should please call back the seven deacons.

6 thoughts on “Money!” by simplisilv (@simplisilv)

  1. I don’t know why I like this and find it funny too. Guess it’s because of it’s satirical undertone on religion.
    Anyways, I give it a thumb up.

  2. @chime221 just passing by your comment…

    Simply Silv, this is nice, but please what’s Mcmanaman? And is “holy alter” pun or a typo?

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      @clemency pls let me know when he answer your questions … :)

    2. thanks a million for spoting the spelling eror,actually it is a typo..secondly Mcmanaman is an English football legend.@clemency

  3. Hahahaha…thanks @clemency.
    I think I’ve heard of Mcmanaman somewhere, but I just can’t place it now. @simplisilv do well to clarify

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    The seven deacons are, as a matter of fact, present. Maybe they have forgotten their duties, or better steal, redefined it. Nice poem …

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