Love in an Hour-Glass

Love in an Hour-Glass

As leaves weave
In the winds,
As the winds howl,

As the sun climbs
Out of cloudy sheets,
As clouds drift
To yonder climes.

We fall in love,
As true love is natural
– Like leaves and the winds
And clouds and the sun.

Not at first sight,
For true love takes time;
And is forever built upon
What the eyes see,
What the ears hear,
And the deeds that warm
A heart of flesh:
One gentle touch here,
One free gift there
– One smile, One ‘Hello.’
One ‘I do.’ One tear cried.
One red rose, one bar of chocolate,
One pearl necklace,
One bottle of perfume or vintage wine,
One velvet dress,
Or scarlet,
One love note
By the bedside table,
Planted in the night
While a lover dreamed,
One dream
-One heartache –
One birthday remembered,
One breakfast in bed,
Two souls laid bare,
Like two bodies yearning
One gift here, free,
One gentle touch there,
Down there.
And the houses of true love
Stand unified,
One edifice,
One brick at one time erected,
And the grains of Love’s sand
Lock elements
To make one dune
As the winds howl
A lonely desert’s tune:

19 thoughts on “Love in an Hour-Glass” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. beautiful! True love is a plant u grow it…the arrangement is good…the piece is pure!

  2. Aaaaah! Sublimity.

  3. True love takes time. Beatiful piece sir. Every word in this writing exhumes depth and beauty. Well done.

  4. Simple and revealing.
    And love? That thing, I comment my reserve.
    Well done

  5. @simplisilv, @ibagere, @psalmy, @Chime221,
    thanks to you
    for leaving these comments.
    Very kind of you.
    I appreciate it.

  6. Beautiful piece, love takes time, well passed. Love the desert whistle.

  7. Whoa. Very good. As in hyper-good.

    I dash yhu an A.

  8. Lovely… It takes simple things and deeds gathered with time for true love to grow.
    Well done, Stag. $ß.

  9. I can almost touch what you are describing…very tangible…blessings.

  10. @clemency , thanks. But what do you love about the desert whistle?

  11. @Hymar,
    if (“I dash yhu an A” = True) {
    System.out.println(“I deserve < an A");

    There's always room for improvement. Having read your own works and those of others, I know I have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooNG …….hm…….hm…………way to go.
    Thank you for your kind appreciation.

  12. @sibbylwhyte,
    I love your initials,

  13. @sambrightomo,
    ‘blessings’ back.
    Tangible, ehn?
    as long as you don’t touch
    another man’s ”property’s”
    “Down there”
    from line 47 of this piece.

  14. Funny… I really like this poem.And trust me,when I say that, I really mean it.

    Very good job Kelechi.

  15. @Mimiadebayo,
    You sound like you hardly like poems.
    What’s special about this?
    I’d love to know, so I might see this from your point of view.
    Thanks again.

  16. Isn’t it, though,@funpen ? Thank you.

    1. I read it again, and WoW! Its one of the best poems I’ve read on naija stories. It’s a lovely description of love. I love it.

      1. @funpen, I’m trying not to dark-skin blush. Thanks again.

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