It seems Like A Crime To Be A Lady

It seems like a crime
To be a lady
Or female or feminine

For exactly
At the age of forty
I’ll be loosing everything:
My strenght,
My youthfulness,
My beauty,
My cherished croniness
My husband used to fall for

So if menopause should come
Let it come at the age of seventeen
For it is the cause of everything

If menopause should come
Let it come at the age of seventeen
For I can’t afford to be living
Like unnoticed daffodil
At the age of forty something
When no one truly loves and cares for me
Except to be trusting on God
At every evening prayer meeting.

Samuel C. Enunwa a.k.a samueldpoetry

8 thoughts on “It seems Like A Crime To Be A Lady” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. Jo (@josephoguche)

    I think that the menopause phenomenon contributes to the overall beauty of a woman. Hence its a gain and not a loss …

  2. Menopause at seventeen years? That’s ridiculous! If it should come at seventeen, women are doomed! Forty seems a perfect time for me, I shouldn’t come anytime lower.

  3. What is the fuss about?…You know what there say about good wine?…It gets better with age!

  4. good work my dear but try more on your setting

  5. i hope to hear from you very soon

  6. thinking is no one key of writing… menopause

  7. This was a deep concept but it was treated on a shallow surface.
    One Word: SUCKING.

  8. I don’t quite agree with your premise…

    Menopause does not reduce a woman’s beauty or self worth, it only marks the end of her reproductive life…

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