Food For Thought…

Food For Thought…

Joel is the kinda guy you’ll find kicking it on the roof top

Waiting for the sun to drop so that the moon can pick up from where it left off

And he’s famished, the time is almost nine o’clock

But all he wants to be fed with is food for thought

And he’d never let it go to waste ‘cuz he knows that that’s the kinda food that can’t be bought

But he won’t take any food that hasn’t been cooked

That’s the kind of food that’ll leave him to rot

And at the same time mess up his taste, like the money-hungry lawyers that won’t mind eating any case

Like a kid stealing food from a pot, they put they’re hands in what they shouldn’t

Mess around like shysters, and do what they normally wouldn’t

He doesn’t take sushi ‘cuz that’d make his thoughts raw

Make him to start thinking of things that go against the moral law

He prefers to take food that’d help him connect the dots

He knows that that’s the kind of food that really hits the spot

He’d rather have some hot tea that’d go down through his maw

Make its way into his chest, and help his cold heart thaw

He prefers healthy food, like the kind people take to get rid of facial flaws

But his’d be taken mentally, leaving his mind to digest it and give him what he needs essentially

This is how Joel remains in a state of constant introspection

Avoiding any confection that’d mess up his recollection

It’s twelve o’clock now, and Joel is still on the roof top

Just the same way he was three hours ago, he hasn’t left the spot

His stomach is empty, but his mind is not

Because he has been snacking away all day on food for thought.

15 thoughts on “Food For Thought…” by six (@six)

  1. Great poem! It seemed like a prose poem…and that’s nice.

    Keep it up!

  2. Nice, real nice. I like it

  3. You sound like my man Lecrae or Dwayne TrYumf. Way to go. Good work here

  4. Good prose poem, but then, you make mockery of †ђξ English diction. If you want to write in American English style, do it straight away. But mixing Queens English with American, is way too informal.
    Work on your language use. Poetry is a serious business, and should be treated as such.
    Well done.

    1. @Chime221, I guess you’re in a better position to say, I just started this whole poetry thing like when, three weeks ago or something like that. There are a lot of things I don’t know, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Thanks for the correction man, and for stopping by.

      1. That explains it.
        However, I must say that you did well much more than is expected of a person who is just starting off with poetry.
        I’d advice that you stick to NS and read other people’s poems, their excellence would surely rob off on you.
        Well done once again.

  5. Reading it and thinking it would make a great rap…

    Well done

  6. Hehehe, thanks @topazo. I appreciate.

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