That wish,

is like a fish in the sea.

The probability to see,

let alone hope

with the fishing rope.

Anonymous flowers

on your doorstep,

only left a trail of feelings.

To be born of love, lust or power.

That quantum leap to want, as you

may ought to do and have.

After all, in life, we begin to happen.

The aim for the purpose,

as an infant takes baby steps to be

secure and stable.

The most domant of our feelings, lying

deep within the pool of wonder, and only awaken

by thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Desire” by Akuha (@MrAk91)

  1. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Absolutely! This is nice …

  2. Good, good, good! Says a lot in few choice words.
    Well done sir

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      Welcome bro

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